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Today (6/16/13), I purchased an iphone 4 and 1 year unlimited card from walmart totalling around 1000$.

After purchase, I followed the automated system for activation which would not accept my entry of my IMEI.

The iphone IMEI is alpha-numeric.

I was transferred to a rep who advised me I was not reading the correct IMEI serial even though it was on a sticker labelled IMEI SERIAL on the red activation tab...

I was then transferred to another rep who tried to give me the same rhetoric.

I read word-for-word the cover to which this rep prompted "are you sure this is a straight-talk phone". Why yes, yes it is: a straight-talk iphone I JUST purchased. They then in clarity realized I was not in the right department... He transferred me to a third department specializing in poorly spoken english or supposedly iphones.

To this rep I read the IMEI and after 30 minutes of listening to her smack and not give me updates on what she was doing, she regretfully advised me that she was unable to assist in my activation and would create a trouble ticket where I would be recontacted in 24 hours......

After this call I attempted to register through the web interface which gave me a "Sorry we are working on the site" error, but after some googling found a direct link to Straight-Talk's phone activation page... Which then REJECTED my IMEI as "The serial number / phone number you entered does not belong to Straight Talk phone, please check your serial number / phone number and try again."

So let me understand this...

Straight-Talk doesn't have an automated system capable of recognizing iphone IMEIs, doesn't have a website that can either, and doesn't train their reps to recognize iphone IMEIs?

WOW. 1000$ later and I realize that Straight Talk is selling a product they're incapable of supporting.

Furthermore as a previous Microsoft call center agent, I am disgusted with the 1)Lack of building rapport with the customer, 2)Lack of statusing the customer, 3) Restraint from making grotesque noises into the microphone, and worst 4) Not having proper QA oversight to assure the aforementioned doesn't happen.

Thanks for the anti-support Straight Talk, and for taking my money...

Service Ticket #1071686855

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Take the f###dumb people to court or call federal trade commission theft. Go to the cops an charge him with the theft fraud. It will be on record with police good for court.


The imei number is NOT alphanumeric.


Dude, one potential explanation you may not have thought of. Zero's and the letter "O" look a lot alike in alphanumerics.

You didn't say if you read it to them both ways.

It matters. If the zero's have strike-throughs it's a moot point however, but they often don't.

Just a thought.

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