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Straight Talk Wireless - PHONE 1/2 WORKS

I bought Samsung phone at wal-mart from straight talk. Have had the same problems over and over again with the phone, which is I can SOMETIMES talk on it, I can SOMETIMES send a text message, it will SOMETIMES stay on and not reset itself. Straight talk will not replace the phone because when she placed a call to it, it worked. I explained that it does work 1/2 the time. I bought the wal-mart product replacement plan, they won't replace the phone because it should still be under manufactures warranty...bottom line I am out of 250.00 plus the phone. They say you get what you pay for but I am getting screwed, therefore never will I buy another straight talk phone nor a wal-mart replacement plan. And I strongly advise everyone else to consider another company.
Graniteville, South Carolina
Straight Talk Wireless Replacement