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A few days before my billing period ended, ST shut off my data. I call in and they say i violated their terms of agreement, and forwarded me to that department. That "department" is a recorded message that explains some of the limits on their unlimited service. So, I call back and ask them if and when i will get the service back. They say wait a few days. And since the billing period is coming up, for sure it will work again after that. So i wait until a few days after billing period date, still doesn't work. Call back. "Oh give it a few more days". Finally i buy a Net10 sim and transfer my phone number.

Then I call Straight Talk to get this last billing period money back. No way says the first person. I ask for the supervisor, she tells some story about there isn't any, finally i get her to get a supervisor. Supervisor says OK, but why do i want to cancel already? She is looking at my new Net10 account, and was about to cancel the Net10. So, FYI, Straight Talk phone support is the exact same people as Net10 phone support. Anyway, when she realizes i want my Straight Talk money back, she says she can't do that. So i ask for HER boss. The next manager claims he is the top of the chain, but can't do it. I accuse them of fraud, then lying, and he holds his ground. The funny part is when he told me it is MY fault because i used too much data on their unlimited service. Yes, he actually said that! So i kept trying to keep the fault on his end by pointing out how they tricked me into waiting for another billing period by telling me to wait a few more days, and also that it will work after the next billing. After 20 minutes, i ask him again if he really wants me to call my credit card company to reverse the charges, and he says fine if that is what i want to do, and we hang up.

However, now that i realize they are THE SAME COMPANY, i don't want to tick them off and risk them shutting off my Net10 service now too.

I read people claiming you can use up to 1.5GB per month. I have an app that measures how much I use, and my last 3 months before they shut me off were 350MB, 420MB, and then 650MB. Apparently, in some cases, 650MB is "too much data". They are fraudulent liars.

When the service worked, it was great. But when they randomly decided to shut me off WITH NO WARNING WHATSOEVER, then they became a horrible company. And i suppose they don't care, because they apparently were trying to get rid of me anyway. They just wanted to get one more billing period out of me. And the top manager was trained in the art of deception and blame VERY well. I tried to tap into some human sympathy, but it was nowhere to be found.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Sim Card.

Monetary Loss: $49.

  • Straight Talk Scam
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