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I recently purchased my Android phone just 5 days ago from Walmart under the impression I was not only getting a great deal on my phone but on my plan as well, only to discover my phone had been deactivated today. Upon calling ST customer care, being transferred numerous times to the appropriate department I was informed my phone had been deactivated due to erroneous calls made to party line#, hot line#, or 1-800# I informed the customer care representative I did not make any such calls from my phone, she insisted that this is what her system detected therefore I'm not able to reactivate my phone, and that I will need to purchase NEW phone in order to continue service, she hung up before I could request for more details.

I waited a few minutes, frustrated, and very upset I decided to call back. This time insisting that my call does not go to ST Loss Prevention Department as they were not willing to help me better understand the problem I'm experiencing. Finally, after numerous transfers, I'm connected with a representative who allowed me to explain my dilema, she informed me it would take a moment as she contacts the appropriate department (Loss Prevention), after a few minutes the woman returns only to inform me this time the reason why ST deactivated my phone is due to " excessive data." I asked the representative how is this possible? Being, when I purchased my new Android I also needed to purchase the $45 UNLIMITED *Minutes, Texts & Mobile Web Access Nationwide Anytime service card.

She repeated again all she's able to tell me is what her system is showing and that really my only option is to make a new purchase as the phone cannot be reactivated. Towards the end of my converstiaon with the respresentative she also informed me that the reason I'm experiencing this problem is not due to my defected phone but it's the phone number, and that when I purchase my new phone I will not be able to transfer my current phone number over to my new phone because of this existing problem... In truth, ST indirectly accused me of making illegal calls from my phone to using it as a modem to access the internet. How?

& Why? was my biggest question. Prior to selecting ST, I checked online for leading phone providers that offered great deals on prepaid plans. I'm hoping my dilema will help other consumers out there such as myself to make better informed decisions when purchasing a prepaid phone plan and to research further before making that final purchase.

Luckily, I am able to get my refund from Walmart for the phone. However, I will not continue my service with Straight Talk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Mobile Hotspot Plan.

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I was thing of switching to ST. But after reading many of the

complaints, will never consider this company regardless of

their price. I am using H20, will stay with them. I highly

recommend them.

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