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I like my LG220 flip phone. I like the phone service (uses Verizon Netowork).

But the customer service reps are rude, pompous, arrogant, and downright ***. By their accent, I think they're in India. They have no idea how to treat customers. They antagonized me very obviously on purpose when I forgot to renew my plan on time once and I called them from work. This process usually takes about 10 minutes. I explained I was at work and needed to hurry; please renew using my credit card info on file. I answered all their necessary id questions. I wanted to get off the phone as quickly as possible. It was very, very obvious the Straight Talk rep went extra, extra slow, spoke very slowly, repeated himself over and over, "recapped" everything we'd already covered TWICE; and near the end, AFTER I'd given the credit card info and was paid, he wanted to go over everything AGAIN. I said no thanks and hung up. It had been nearly a half hour!! In the past, my phone had been reactivated within 10 minutes following my phone payment. This time after an hour it wasn't back on. I had to call two more times to get my phone reativated, and I know for sure the spiteful rep did it on purpose because I hung up while he was still trying to talk and keep me on the phone.

THEN, this week I sent an email. These people can't even read an email and give a dirct answer. Email follows:

Original email question:

ME: "Hello,

I would like to know what time of day/night the service is shut off on

the Service End Date.

Is the service good all day on the end date, expiring at midnight on the

service end date?

or does it expire at 00:01 a.m. at the very start of the service end


Please clarify this for me.

Thank you!"

STRAIGHT TALK: On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 12:44 PM, Custsrvst wrote:

Please be informed that the phone will be deactivated same time when you

refill your account.


????? If you're going to deactivate my phone same time i refill my accout, WHY WOULD I REFILL MY ACCOUNT? That makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

Please re-read my question. I said nothing at all about refilling my account.


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Are u that dumb?? He means it will deactivate at the same time that you activated it if u activateded it at 7 pm then it will deactivate at 7pm 30 days


im trying to find out how to block a number


im trying to find out how to block a number

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