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Promises, promises, promises from Straight Talk CSR's:.

It has been 3 months and I still have not received a refund for a phone sent to the wrong address and then returned to the company.. I have about 20 hours invested in e mails sent to the company, and at least 6 hours of phone time|. To top it off, the company lost the original refund order number and had to issue me a new one,. I was told that the refund would be credited back to my phone card in 7 days, and then I was sent a e mail that it would be 14 days before the refund was credited!. I finally got pissed and sent a e mail stating that I was going to send a complaint letter to both Walmart Headquarters informing them of the horrible customer service of this company, and I was also sending a complaint to the BBB?. I received a phone call from Tracfone's Corporate office stating that they are now going to issue me a refund via check/. (I was told my a CSR that this could not be done). I assume that it will take another 2 weeks before the check is received, which will make 4 months total.

While the phone service is cheap, the CSR issues do not make using this company (at least for me) worth the savings. Most people have a job and can't afford spending many hours (month's) to have a problem resolved. I recommend researching other non contract phone plans.

If you have a issue, I recommend calling Corporate at 1-80*-876-**** and by pass the CSR's who seem to be ill informed.

If you have non resolved issues, I recommend sending a complaint to WalMart Headquarters and the BBB. Straight Talk needs to get their act together

Location: Los Angeles, California

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They charged my card twice and every time I call to get a refund they put me on hold for 30 minutes and hang up.

Then one person answered the phone told me they were getting me my refund but but me back on hold for a hour


I will never purchase another phone thru Straight Talk. Ordered a Samsung 4 and received the wrong phone.

30 days later getting the run around. Told I was receiving the correct phone, then I was receiving a refund. Was told they have not received the phone (tracking number shows they have] then told they have received incorrect phone.

Was told again today they have not received the incorrect phone and can't refund me. So m ad and frustrated.


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble.

To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


My iPhone was stolen.


My iPhone was stolen.


Wow!? ..

That's kinda like what happened to me!! I tried to stay on top of it, getting my refund for a fone that I bought over the website with my debit card. I have been transferred to so many people I lost their names and then I had called again because I never received the money back on my card. And they couldn't find me in the system..

Lol! O forget this.. I just stop doing business with them.. I had 2 lines..

And I was with them for 2 years.


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


I have never seen worse than straight talk ***, avoid it like the plague,


same thing happening to me I am being kept on hold for hours and hours , cant get on hold of any rep from refund dep, stay away guys from this service, it is worthless


I've been using straight talk for five years now. I haven't received a check yet doubt if I will. Straight talk is full of it.


Don't use stright talk I was on hold for 10 plus hours in 3 days and that still didn't fix the problem


Just as I suspected....I to just spent over two hours on the phone working my way up the ladder only to be on hold for 94:05 minutes.


I as the people above I got no where quick. They want me to send my only phone which is defective, and I was told by a couple of CSR that there was serveral customers with the same problem of the phone not charging properly, and could take up to nine days without a phone. Or like the person above it be lost in transition and take, WHO KNOWS HOW LONG.

This is extremely poor customer service, I will not recommed Straight Talk to anyone ever again.

And further more all the YES SIR AND MA'AM'S AND SIRS AND I UNDERSTANDS, don't mean a thing when it is not backed up with a proper action.

It's extremely unreasonable to expect someone to go without a phone for five plus days.

I should have done more research. However I have done it for others and will not recommend they make the same mistake I did.

BTW, I've had my phone less that 60 days.

Do not buy straight talk.


Totally agree they will tell u lies just to get u off the phone. Have of them do not understand what u are saying to them. lets just say i was on the phone with the for 3 hours a couple of days ago and still didnt get what i needed done.


I finally received a business check after contacting corporate via e mail and phone and informing them that I had sent a complaint letter to Walmart Corporate. I received it 5 days after they received my letter.

Horrible experience. Don't bother with the CSRs talk to corporate.

Good luck


I have the same issue i have a e71 that they permanently deactivated ,wally wont take it back because its after 15/60 days,ST told me to send them my $185 phone even tho i got it at wally s, the CSR at ST told me they wont send the full value/ price of the phone, they will send me coupons, i hung up


I am really curious to know if you ever received that check. I too have been told that they processed my $200+ refund by check on 6/29/11.

However, I have yet to received it. Although they say they sent it via FedEx, but have no tracking #.

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