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I did not have a good relationship with Straight Talk. I've been their client for 3 months. Here is my story.

In their ad they would tell you that everything is unlimited for only $45 dollars,,, blah, blah blah,,,, but they won't tell you that everything is actually very much limited once you join them,,, my service was disconnected permanently without a notice,,, when I started my investigation with customer service (by the way,,, hideous) they just simply apologized and told me to read that small print in my contract again.

Here are few major things you CAN NOT DO: (per contract). No YouTube. No uploading, streaming or downloading (only very very limited),,, can't watch TV. Neither can't text a lot nor freely talk. Basically cannot use your phone to its full potential. They are monitoring how long you are talking and how much you are texting,,, if it's too much they would simply permanently disconnect your service without a notice nor refund,,,

ONE thing I was permitted to do: I was able to check my emails UNLIMITED!!! Hurray! My personal wish to you reader,,, DO NOT JOIN THEM.


Not happy and aggravated Straight Talk ex-customer.

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Not they're just logical I've have perfect eveything with straight talk. And some people just don't get easily offended and laugh about 9/11 just in case you haven't caught on. Society is *** up but funny.


I've been a straight talk customer for almost a year now and all of my talk, text and data has been truly unlimited. Soo idk why yours was apparently so different.

I do the $45 plan too. I can text freely. I can watch tv and stream. And even when I go over the 5gig high speed cap I still get high speed so I think they're pretty great actually I didn't have enough money to pay my Bill this month and they extended my plan by a day to give me time.

Sooo yea.

I love straight talk and I've had nothing but perfect customer service with them. 5-Star rating


You obviously work for Straight talk.


i have been an straight talk customer for 4yrs and they lost me. they disconnected my mobile network for some unknown reason.

customer service gave me the same run around. They are very rude and not at all helpful or truthful. I dont care what the customer service says about the fine print on the terms and conditions, i still complained to the ftc and everyone else i could find.

Walmart is just as much to blame they are in coohoots with straight talk and att and verizon. So who cares about us customers.


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


Straight talk is a *** joke, all the stores in a hundred miles are out of 45 dollar cards till saturday... they said they couldnt extend me 2 fricken days i told them im a small buisness owner and i dont use credit/debt cards and they basically told me to *** off so im gonna sue the *** out of them see if that changes there tune lol


How did that work out for you? Haha...Hopefully, you are far more swift in regards to your small business but I seriously doubt it.

I'd be willing to bet that didn't work out for you either and the business no longer exists.

I am truly curious how you came to the conclusion that straight talk, a prepaid wireless company BTW, is ethically or legally irresponsible by shutting your phone off? You do realize they followed through on their end with regards to the contract you obviously didn't read?


Beware of Stacy Pharmacy in Sulphur Springs, Tx on Broadway, he is a crook, rude to customers unless they are the rich ones, frowns on medicare. Will NOT fill some prescriptions if heis not going to make a big profit.

Auto refill is a joke, he DOES NOT keep up with it. There are many pharmacys in S.S.

Do not do business with them! They are crooks.


I've used straight talk for over 3 years now. I've gotten great reception just outside of Grand Falls, Canada as well as in parts of Alabama that barely any major providers work in. I pay $48 flat for unlimited talk and text. I rarely use the Internet on my phone, as it is super slow and unnecessary for me to use a phone for the net. I can wait until I get to a computer.

I've noticed that straight talk does give you a text notice to "Refill Now" almost two weeks before your end date. If you diligently refill, you'll automatically lose those days left on your account, which are non-refundable. In auto-refill, they refill your service the day before the end date. To avoid this, I refuse auto-refill and just wait for my service to shut off before I refill it. I can go a few hours without service while I'm sleeping.

Customer service is always very nice Indian folks, but they'll tick you off because they have absolutely no authority to do anything except answer questions that are obviously TelePrompTed for them. I try my best to avoid them and rarely have to deal with them thanks to the automated refill guy, "If you don't have a service card, you will need a credit card." OK :-)

I like straight talk. It's super cheap and consistent. It works for me because I don't use my phone as a portable laptop. I've been thinking about joining Ting (no $25 off link here) because it looks much cheaper, you pay based on what youve used, and share data between devices, but I'm still investigating it.


yep didnit to me also


My wife's phone data was shut off just 6 days into the new month in her 3rd month of service and when we contacted StraightTalk about the problem, we were told that Verizon, who is the carrier in our service area was limiting data to 2g per month. We had no problem the first 2 months of service but in the 3rd month her data was shut off.

She regularly uses her phone to Skype with her family and friends back in Thailand and so now she has been severely cut back on being able to communicate with her family. They advertise unlimited talk, text & data but then blame the carrier when you are cut off and limited on your data usage.

This really ticked me off as I discussed this with the sales rep at Walmart prior to purchasing this phone and service specifically for her to Skype with family in Thailand and this was a much cheaper option than adding a line to my business Verizon phone service but now there is 3 weeks of the month she can't even use it and that is a RIPOFF!!! Not to mention FALSE ADVERTISING!!!~


you can stream videos and all that jazz you ***. it's just when you do it without WiFi.

Simple logic actually. You are clearly going out of proportion with this issue when its your fault. you have a max of 5g a month to stream. 5g is a huge amount.

i can stream music without WiFi for a full day so 24 hours and only would have gone thro 1g. Call as much as you want. The only thing that blows through your gigs is when you stream videos without WiFi. i watched one episode of Doctor Who and almost went thru a gig.

i text about 100-300 times a day, and that barely uses any gigs either. so you can talk freely a lot and text. only thing you can't do is stream videos without WiFi. THATS NOT ASKING FOR MUCH!.

Everyone on this page that agrees with the retard clearly is retarded. This is ***, and very funny on how retarded people can be.


you must work for tracfone/straight talk, and you must no have any developmentally disabled relatives or you wouldn't be using the word retard so loosely, either that your just a ***.

@Alese Wbm

Or they're just using logic and doesn't get easily offended get over it. You're retarded too.


Any carrier can be unlimited if you use WiFi. The point of having unlimited data is to not have to use WiFi.

And a heads up 5g is fifth generation. 5GB is data.


I have the same problem. I thing someone should take them to court.

False advertisement.

If it was the other way around I know they would have me in court. *** straight talk.


This just goes to show each and Everyone of you that "Everything That Glitter's Is Not Gold.I bet at this time you wish you had never left Verizon HUH.Next time you will be more CAREFUL and Learn to Read the Find Print.


Verizon is robbing the American middle-class of their hard-earned money! That's the reason I left them & found a cheaper way of phone & wireless services! :(

@Ralphael Gce

Verizon has 20+ customer support centers and they are all located in the United states. Robbing someone is a matter of prospective.

Not getting what you pay for is robbery, Verizon has never failed me and I will pay a little extra to make sure 100,000+ Americans have jobs. I will just have to be a responsible adult and not do things that will cause me to use a lot of data. Would I love to be able to combine $200 internet, cable and phone bill, never having to buy another movie again, and a laptop and only pay $40 a month. Sure.

But I have to live in the real world were you have to pay your water bill and not just buy from the store. You have to pay electricity to keep the lights on, and if you want the luxury of unlimited you pay for it, you want movies you buy them and if you expect that 7 businesses are going to step aside and let any carrier or provider take money out of their pockets than my friend you are sadly mistaken.


Why do you guys think its 50 dollars a month?? My Iphone plan with Sprint is 100 a month and thats average for a smartphone with FULLY!

unlimited data,text and talk. Why wod you think u'd get the same thing when ur payin half the price??

lol. Dont be silly!

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