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I purchased two phones on a Friday and was supposed to get free overnight Fed Ex. The web site said the phones were in stock when they were actually not.

When they became available they were shipped Fed Ex ground. I called the worst customer support team ever and each time I was lied to or just given false info how ever you want to look at it. It took a week for the phones to arrive. To make up for their breach of contract on the not shipping overnight one supervisor said I would get first month free unlimited and then use the $30.00 card that comes with the phone for the second month.

She said she put it in their system to reflect this. When the phones finally came the next supervisor said he could not honor that agreement and there was no way for him to track down another supervisor even with her name and ID number. We ported our old numbers and my wife's phone was up and running in 15 minutes. Mine took over 24 hours.

I was told I would get a text on my phone when it was ready to use but never did. Then both of our voice mails were not accessible because of a code in the speed dial that could not be deleted. This was the worst customer service I have ever received. One lie after another.

Countless hours on the phone with them for nothing. They flat lie to you and do not honor anything.

I wish I never switched. The customer service is outsourced to I believe India and they were very difficult to understand at times.

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The absolute worst service EVER!!!

1/Dec 6, 2010- ordered 2 Samsung phones with 2 $45.00 refill cards. Paid w/ my Visa for next day delivery.

2/ Dec 12,2010 Phones arrive. 1 phone activated properly, the 2nd phone would not pick up a signal, even sitting next the 1st phone. Called ST's terrrable CS in Phillipines got the run around for 2.5 hours. Was told to give the phone time to cycle through the system? would be ready to use in 24 hours.

3/Dec 13,2010 2nd (my wife's phone)still would not receive a signal nor would call out or in. With the same hour, my phone goes on the blink. No screen display, no power nothing...WTF? Called ST, spoke with 3 different people, and recorded the phone call mind you. Was told that they would be sending us fedex box to send both phones back so replacement phones could be sent to us. Sounds good right? Wrong!!! We sent the phones back via Fedex on Dec 17,2010 ad Friday.

4/ December 21,2010 called ST to inquire about the status of our phones. The CSR told us that the phones had arrived on Monday Dec 20, but only one phone was in the box according to the "warehouse"(as if the warehouse was in the Phillipines) which by the way I tracked it and they were delivered to Plainfield Indiana at 11:11am on Tuesday Dec 21. not Monday. This foreign AH lied right in my ear. I called the company who received the phones from FedEx they are called Bright Point Worldwide. AMERICANS!!! They were very friendly and cooperative with trying to help me discover where our returned phones were.

As of 7pm Dec 21, 2010 we still don't know if 1 or 2 phones arrived but they say they're investigating to get the answer.

In the meantime ST says they will be shipping out my wife's phone on tomorrow, but they must send me another FedEx box to send them a "note" explaining the situation, give the box back to fedex then they would decide if I get my replacement phone.


Needless to say when the CSR said this, I was on 350 degrees and done, this after nearly 3 hours on the phone with CSR's, Supervisors, and then a supposed Manager...

I've read literally hundreds of complaints on ST, and enough is enough!

Tomorrow the U.S. Dept. Of Commerce will receive my formal complaint along with copies of every compliant I can find on line.

They are either going to shape up or ship out!!!

I'm also calling corporate to see if I can get some Mick Jagger. 800-876-5753

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