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I started with straight talk 2 years ago and the transfer went FLAWLESSLY. The rep was easy to work with and I switched from Verizon to them in less than 20 minutes.

Fast forward to last April: I had to replace my old phone in the prior fall due to me ruining the old one...replacement phone started showing serious issues. One quick call to S.T. and I was able to get a replacement phone over the weekend no problem. Still loved them, easy to work with and very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

Last week, my phone started acting very oddly, got texts fine, but sending claimed it wasn't sending at all..but actually sent about 10 copies instead??? Happened only occasionally, but yesterday became the norm, so called tech support...Now I am greeted with a person who's accent was so thick I could not understand her and SHE didn't understand my answers either. After 30 min, she sent me to a "supervisor"..who started working on the issue (Said he was fixing "errors" and then said an expletive (I think?) and hung up. Call back, THAT call again leads to a Supervisor after 30 min...who tries for 40 min to "fix errors" then finally says I must do a factory reset. And he hangs up on me! So I do I can text but ALL apps except 5 of my least used ones suddenly are "Not compatible with your device" AGAIN. THIS call goes STRAIGHT to a Supervisor on my demand...this one has me factory restore AGAIN, then it FINALLY can download apps again and I thought all was fine. NOPE This morning I realize it only worked on WiFi and ALL Mobile Data was disabled. This call had a rep saying I CAUSED the issue by changing settings my phone cannot access... I demanded a supervisor and got MIGUEL. HE actually spoke English well and audibly sighed when I told him my saga..and said yes...THEY messed up my phone's connections and I couldn't have caused it and for the lady to say I needed to change my APR settings was simply wrong. (And I shouldn't have had to factory reset ANYTHING) SO now phone is fixed! But over 7 hours on the phone with the Philippines dealing with what can only be described as "scripted readers" and NOT techs has made me decide I am changing carriers TONIGHT. Straight Talk is no longer a viable supplier, in my opinion, and I have less than 10 days left on this service card anyways...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Straight Talk Wireless Pros: I could go almost anywhere in the us and use my phone, Unlimited plan has served me well.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Total lack of caring, Customer service ineffective, Given the runaround.

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