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Straight Talk internet and picture msging not working?

I have an LG290CM straight talk phone with the unlimited plan and have been with them for over a year now and I haven't had any issues until now except occasionally unable to access the internet but that rarely ever happened until now.

My Man just got the Samsung R451C Recon. + Unlimited Plan, and after setting up his phone and paring the bluetooth to my phone and his old us cellular phone, I had successfully sent him all the contacts from my phone to his new one and from his old us cellular phone to his new samsung then had text him some photos from my LG to his new Samsung.

Then we paired his bluetooth headset to his new samsung and it worked great. We then decided to try out the internet on his new phone but keep getting a "Error: server not responding" or "Error: cannot resolve hostename" and we also cannot send picture messages but we can send regular text messages...

What is up with this? Why isn't it working?

And of coarse Straight Talk Customer Service is closed! Besides even if I called them to resolve the problem it's like talking to a robot and they are so annoying! Also when have they ever really solved an issue?!

For instance we originally went to Wal-mart and bought a Samsung R355 it's kind of like a blackberry phone it's listed online for $129.99 but on sale in the store for $80.00. He got the $45 plan and we went home to activate it and port over his us-cellular phone number. We got it all done then tried to use it but it didn't work so I called the World's Greatest customer service ST and was online looking at the st website and notice they had the other phone he wanted for Free with a $45 service plan! So we of coarse wanted that deal! The Representative over the phone said he could cancel the port and cancel the current phone and told us to buy the one online and return the other one to the store. LOL the next day his Us cellular phone didn't work and when you called his number it was calling the phone that we had returned to the store! Oh that was just wonderful! We called ST and tried to troubleshoot the problem as much to our dismay we were told to go to wal-mart and tell them not to scan the phone and for us to call us cellular and tell them we needed to port back over his number to them. Well walmart scans their returns at the time you bring them back. He was afraid he's lose his number so we went to all the trouble trying to take care of *** petty things that the ST Customer Service reps were telling us to do. Us cellular told us that we needed the account number with ST in order to port the number back but ST refused to give us that info saying it was private info of ST.. I had to speak to the supervisor and deal with that. And long story short once a phone is ported out of a service provider your contract is canceled.

So what does one do to deal with your Straight Talk phone problems?

I wish there was an actual store where you can talk to a real live person standing in front of you rather than these robotic Arabic sounding people. I think they have a language changing machine on their computer when you call because they always sound the same when you talk to them.

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My man even said while we were on the phone with them "Why do you all sound like a Robot" LOL... but they really do!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

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I have a samsung Infuse 4g. Put straight talk on it with no problem.

Texting works great, but cannot send a picture.I hit the send and it says sending but goes nowhere,. Any idea's why?


i have the same phone and had the same problem, i had went online and looked up the code for it and now it seems to work


I bought a Straight Talk Unlimited International plan and sim card so my wife could talk to Brazil as she was told at the Straight Talk costumer service. After purchasing this fraud product we realised that we couldn't call Brazil and besides that the internet does not work. If you don't want to throw your money in the toillet, NEVER BUY A STRAIGHT TALK PRODUCT!!!!


i had my straight talk for 4 months the internet was workin fine into last month now it won't come up at all.. whats sup wit dat


how do i fix it because i did what chris said but its not working ughh


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i was having the same problem if you turn your phone off and remove the batterie then put it back and power up the phone again itll do an automatic update and your problem will be solved


I guess straight talk out sources its phone service in order to save us all money. Unlike you when i call i get great service.

I am actually really surprised that you have had these complaints. Maybe you just have bad luck lol.

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