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I purchased the nokia e 71 phone from Wal Mart and also purchased a 6 month card for unlimited talk text and data use after about 3 months I receive a so called courtesy call from them complaining i was using excessive data.

How do yu have excessive use on an unlimited plan anyway.

well about a month later they shut of my service and locked the phone supposedly for this excessive data use. after agreeing with them (the only way to get the phone taken care of) they reactivated the account the problem was the phone was now a brick they sent me an envelope to return the useless phone so they could send a replacement yeah they replaced the brand new one with a refurbished phone that still would not work it said sim card not valid.

after yet another hour with their so called technical support they said they would send me another sim card which would fix the phone.

well it arrived a week later and guess what still no phone service so yet another hour with them and they say they need to send yet another sim card in the meantime the phone service end date has come and gone.

so heres the rundown 3 months service fine then the call then service interruption a month later after arguing for almost a week they sagree to reactivate the phone I purchased only to find it bricked after another few days arguing with them about my so called excessive data use they agree to send another phone it arrives dead so they send sim card 1 which does not work so now they are sending sim card 2 which probably wont work either and meantime I had to buy a replacement phone from a different company at a cost of about 200 dollars .

total cost of this dis service nokia phone was 220 at the time card cost for 6 month card 250 replacement phone and service another 200 so now this 4 months of phone use is over 600 dollars and still no working staright talk phone so be warned straight talk sucks

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I got tired of paying though the nose and switched to straight talk. DON'T DO IT!

Customer service is almost non existent. Problems from the begining. If you need help, good luck. You will be on hold for 45 minutes to ?

I have waited as long as 90 minutes.

Shop around for better deals, but straight talk is not it. Leaving them is even MORE frustrating.


I was seriously thinking of getting straight talk,but after reading so many negatives about it I've decided to just stick with my verizon ....isn't it just like walmart to sell something so ***


yes straight talk phone boxes and also the card you use for more time does says something about usage of the net and has been on there since the company been in business


Straight Talk is not a part of Verizon, contrary to common belief. Straight Talk is part of mexican owned America Movil, owned by druglord and crime boss Carlos Slim.


Regarding my previous comment when it comes to Verizon and the attorneys, I meant in response to minchew 91. Lol whoops.


In response to lady:

Ironically, Straight Talk runs off of Verizon towers. I'm not sure what the contract between them entails, or if Straight Talk is just some subsidiary of Verizon, but I'd definitely watch out because of that.

And Chikid68, that totally blows, and I agree with lady in that if you can't find anything on the site or other materials that says your plan is limited, even though it says unlimited, I'd be calling an attorney or two and raising a big *** stink over it, because that's ridiculous.

False advertisement is for ***.


How did you manage to get them to re activate your account?


hey, i got the same call yesterday. Is there anything on the straight talk website that says its unlimited up to a certain point?

Otherwise, i smell a lawsuit. Im perfectly okay with leaving straight talk and going back to Verizon if they deactivate my phone.

How in the world can an Unlimited plan have excessive data usage? Thats a total contradiction and it's ***

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