Straight Talk is Beyond Horrible!

After only 1 month, my phone stopped working. It would not recognize that I added the unlimted $45 card to it. The phone was purchased new from Walmart.

I called the customer DIS service department and they saw that their system did recognize that I did add minutes but my phone did not.

So, after spending LITERALLY 12 HOURS and 15 minutes on the phone with the Straight Talk customer DIS service department (that is what I call them now) over the course of approximatley 8-10 different phone calls... Still NOTHING was resolved. They gave me codes to put into my phone NUMEROUS times despite the fact that it didn't work the previous day that I talked to them and was told to do that.

So, as of today, I have not have ANY cell phone service for 18 days(almost 3 weeks). 3 Weeks that I paid for!

Straight Talk wanted me to send my phone back to them. So, they took 5 plus days to send me an airbill fed ex package so I could mail them my phone. I sent it on Thursday and it was received at Straight talk the next day.

So, I waited about a week and called them to see where my phone was... I was told 3 different things by 3 different people.. The best was by a supervisor who told me that I would have a new phone on my doorstep in 3 days. BUT, when I asked him if the phone was shipped from their warehouse, he said I DON"T KNOW! I asked him.. how can you tell me I will have my new phone in 3 days when you don't even know if it was shipped or not???? He could not understand this concept at all!!!!

He could not give me a tracking number .. b/c there was none!

BOTTOM LINE... I filed an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org and within 24 hours I had the Better Business Bureau liason at Straight talk and she personally called me at my work number and walked to the warehouse and got a new phone herself changed my number to that phone, made sure it worked. She is also sending it to me OVERNIGHT.

She is in the Corporate Office in Miami, Florida.

I also asked that I get a month FREE for all the aggravation and she agreed to do that.

This is her contact info

Main phone 800 876 **** x 6175

or 305-715-**** x 6175

fax 305-715-****

Her name is Karen Calderon

email is kcalderon@***.com

She is the Better Business SPecialist with Trac Fone Wireless.. This is who is the parent company of Straight Talk and who you ultimately need to deal with if you have a problem with Straight Talk.

I am posting this b/c I am thoroughly disgusted with the way I was treated by the foreign customer service department who are like zombies reading from a script no matter what you say to them.

I hope this helps someone.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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I was lied to by Straight talk I spent hours on the phone trying to correct a problem I was hung up on twice and my problem was never solved I was told I would get a credit for my 2 weeks of bad service but that was a lie to get me off the phone the customer service representative treated me like *** she didn't even answer half my question I wanna talk to someone about these issues because I feel like im being robbed by Straight talk my Name is Lee Diggs 337212**** im starting to think straight doesn't want a black using there service


terrible experience with the "bring your own phone" . they could not get my phone activated although their system indicated my phone qualified.

they ran into trouble because my phone # was originally given to me in maine where I lived. things went down hill from there. I was passed around like a soccer ball or a hot potato (chose your own analogy). "The mantra started.....call back in 24 to 48 hrs...

it will be active in 2 to 24 hours...I will give it to my supervisor... on and on and on. incompetence is the word...everyone is in their own world and info does not pass smoothly...no problem resolution dept... its just "baffle the client with more BS....

so sad...

it could be a lot more organized, customer friendly...oh yes...the other comments I got ,waiting on line for 15+ minutes was "my system is not responding.

.stay on the line.... I would add,,, bring your lunch, it will be a while..


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


Well Marie I bought a iPhone 5s from Walmart 9weeks ago. Screen turns blue and sometimes it shuts off by its self.

And yes did reset complete erase and redownloaded software. Been in otter box from day one. So straight talk wants me to drive over a hour to exchange this phone, instead of driving ten minutes to Walmart where I bought it and exchange. How does Walmart sell the phones , sell the plans but can't exchange phones.

So in the end you guys get your money and we have to drive out of our way to get a replacement if we have problems or we could send it to you and be without a phone and wait and wait. So we are suppose to trust you but you give no efforts in attempting to show any type of useful support.

When you have issues with your phone do you drive out out of your way or put it in the mail. Very doubtful so there is a loop hole but it depends who you are.


Have been having issues with my phone also, will not send or receive pictures. Called the support team many times.

The support people that I talked to were hard to understand, but did try to help. After receiving the first sim card to fix the issue, which it did not, I went to chatting. After many try's with the codes, they sent me another sim card, that one didn't work either I finally try the Corporate Office in Miami to try and talk to someone in the US, the person that I talked to was very rude and wouldn't even listen to me, just switched me to a support team International of coarse. Which really pissed me off.

I will be calling the better business tomorrow to complain about that company.

The person that I talked with from the support group was trying to be very helpful and said that I have a defective phone which I had come to the conclusion when the 3 sim card didn't work. Have minutes left on my plan and don't want to lose them if I send the phone back.


Having similar probs. The customer service people keep hanging up on me and I'm not being mean just strait foward.

I'm *** have spent over 10.000 dollars on this service in last ten years or so never had probs till last few mths.

Now all you get is some turban speaking person that hangs up on you. Im calling better bis buro.


Thank you , I too have made 7 calls for a total of about 4 he's with no resolution .


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


Great experience until I needed technical help. Poor customer service is an understatement.

they should reconsider a few of their phone reps. .


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.



So far,

everyone WANTS to help, but no one CAN help...

the phone customer service AND 2 Walmart electronics people TRIED to help unlock my new phone.

In the meantime,

it's been 8 days of already-paid cell phone service I've been without, and the transfer from my dead waterlogged phone to my new phone was already too long and too complicated simply because the first phone couldn't operate- and possibly didn't start transferring until after I called, instead of when I initiated it on the website. i'm glad to see there is a number and an email, that I CAN get this fixed... because I want to give positive feedback in the end.

I can't blame any ONE for trying to help, but with Straight Talk, once you have technical problems, the whole procedure is like running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I feel I can say this because I had similar issues with ANOTHER dead-phone-to-new-phone transfer just a few months ago.


Thank you, this is going to be very helpful. I believe my situation is much more severe than yours.


I have Called about my phone multipble times and I been waiting a Month to get my phone. Iv asked for a supervisor every single phone rep.

I talk to Says "I am a supervisor" Why is it that everyone single person I talk to is a Supervisor?

I want to know why there is no way in *** everyones a supervisor because I would love to have a job were I'm a supervisor. I'm about to call BBB.


My phone has been doing the same thing . Second time now on my phone I've only had 2 months that it is disabled.

I asked to talk to a person who could refund my money for the phone and or at least the service card I bought just this morning.

The lady on the phone told I cannot have a refund and that I have to buy a new phone and they can transfer my service. I'm an so disgusted with this company.


Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com.


I have been hung up on twice and if i ask for a supervisior they give the run around and say theyre not avaliable. I will never port another number or suggest service again.


This woman no longer works there


Thank u for your comments. I had exactly the same kind of bad experiences with 10, tracfone & straighttalk.

They are all owned by the same company.

I will contact this woman directly. Thanks so much


Thank You for the Tip I am having a horrible time trying to get a replacement phone. I have been told several times they are sending me a label but no label.

It was to the point that I was afraid to send my old phone back in because I was afraid I would not get one in return.

I paid 129.00 for phone and my 45 dollar card and have been without both for 2 weeks. So, again thank you so much for the information.


Oh my gosh I have been waiting on my phone for two months now and every time I call I get the run around I'm sick of it I just want my phone I don't understand why they have to lie about it. Do you have a different number because I tried this number and it takes me straight to straight talk. I'm am beyond livid and can't take much more.

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