Straight Talk is Beyond Horrible!

After only 1 month, my phone stopped working. It would not recognize that I added the unlimted $45 card to it. The phone was purchased new from Walmart.

I called the customer DIS service department and they saw that their system did recognize that I did add minutes but my phone did not.

So, after spending LITERALLY 12 HOURS and 15 minutes on the phone with the Straight Talk customer DIS service department (that is what I call them now) over the course of approximatley 8-10 different phone calls... Still NOTHING was resolved. They gave me codes to put into my phone NUMEROUS times despite the fact that it didn't work the previous day that I talked to them and was told to do that.

So, as of today, I have not have ANY cell phone service for 18 days(almost 3 weeks). 3 Weeks that I paid for!

Straight Talk wanted me to send my phone back to them. So, they took 5 plus days to send me an airbill fed ex package so I could mail them my phone. I sent it on Thursday and it was received at Straight talk the next day.

So, I waited about a week and called them to see where my phone was... I was told 3 different things by 3 different people.. The best was by a supervisor who told me that I would have a new phone on my doorstep in 3 days. BUT, when I asked him if the phone was shipped from their warehouse, he said I DON"T KNOW! I asked him.. how can you tell me I will have my new phone in 3 days when you don't even know if it was shipped or not???? He could not understand this concept at all!!!!

He could not give me a tracking number .. b/c there was none!

BOTTOM LINE... I filed an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org and within 24 hours I had the Better Business Bureau liason at Straight talk and she personally called me at my work number and walked to the warehouse and got a new phone herself changed my number to that phone, made sure it worked. She is also sending it to me OVERNIGHT.

She is in the Corporate Office in Miami, Florida.

I also asked that I get a month FREE for all the aggravation and she agreed to do that.

This is her contact info

Main phone 800 876 **** x 6175

or 305-715-**** x 6175

fax 305-715-****

Her name is Karen Calderon

email is kcalderon@***.com

She is the Better Business SPecialist with Trac Fone Wireless.. This is who is the parent company of Straight Talk and who you ultimately need to deal with if you have a problem with Straight Talk.

I am posting this b/c I am thoroughly disgusted with the way I was treated by the foreign customer service department who are like zombies reading from a script no matter what you say to them.

I hope this helps someone.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Thank you for this info, however I got a response from Karen saying that she no longer works in Customer Service and gave me the email to "TracFone Corporate" - erdmanagement@***.com. We'll see if I get the same help you got! I've been waiting for 21 days to receive a shipping label...


Good for You! THAT is EXACTLY what I would have done is post the info here for people to help them cut through the ***. These companies are soon going to learn that we are SICK AND TIRED of paying money to talk to foreign script reading idiots when we need help, that you can't understand because they talk in baby talk voices and they can't understand a thing you say anyhow!


Hmmm.....wonder what we could do to get companies back here in America?? Or the better question.

Why are they all relocating or just not opting to build here at all?......Maybe high corporate taxes, unions, crony capitalism, over government regulation, and unskilled whiners demanding 15 an hour to say "Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?" If you took all that away, maybe companies like straight talk would have enough economical reasons to build call centers here and employ American's. Sad is just doesn't make financial sense anymore to build a business in the Unites States anymore.


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Straight Talk SUCKS! I have never been so frustrated and aggravated in my life! SPEAK *** english!!!!!


thank you so much...I actually work from my phone...it is my lifeline...my jeypad is burnt into my screen and straight talk will not help me at all...I just bought this phone in August of 2014 and already have major issues with it...I will be callimg in the morning...again thank you


My story begins I ordered a sim card kit from Straighttalk website on 12/ 2014 I spent $28.30 on this purchase. After receiving my sim card kit 1/18/15 I call Customer Service to transfer my number 570328XXX from Net10 to Straighttalk and active a new service plan for 30 days that I purchased also.

I was informed the process went well and it may take up to 2 business days to complete the process, but I will still be able to use my phone. She also said I would be receiving mt Data settings for my phone.

Later that same day on the 1/18/15 I called back customer service because I noticed all my calls where going to voice mail. I was told it was still being transferred not to worry. She also said I would also be receiving my Data settings for the phone.

The next day 1/19/15 my husband tried to call me and said it went to voicemail

when he tried to call me on my cell. He called me on our house phone when I answered he said my calls were going to voicemail. I called him back using my cellphone and he said 570730XXXX comes up on his caller ID for my number. I called customer service back and told them what was going on.

I was assisted by a customer service

representative and she was going to straightened out my problem. I stayed on the phone about twenty minutes with her and she said my number has been transferred over and it is still in progress of transferring give it a couple of business days. She also said I would be receiving my Data setting for my phone. I was given this ticket number 131490**** by her.

Something did not seem wright about what she was saying so I called back again on this same day 1/19/15.

I got another customer service representative. After telling my story once again to this forth, customer service representative. After working with this representative, he told me this was my options. My new sim card was activated with a new number and can not be activated with my old number, because once it is activated with a number that is the number that is associated with that sim card.

What can be done is to deactivate the sim card with the new number and in 4 to 5 days they would ship me another sim card and then transfer my Net10 number over. He said I should put the Net10 sim card back in my phone until the new sim card arrives, So I replied to him my service for Net10 will be ending on the 1/20/15 if the sim card is not replaced by then I will lose my number I have had for 8 years and no phone service. I told him this was their fault and the sim card should be overnight to me free of charge and they should make sure I have service until it arrives. He then says do I have your permission to deactivate the sim card?

I said get me a supervisor. He got me someone who said she were from corporate office. What she did was have me put the Net10 sim card back in my phone and she extended the Net10 sim card for a week so it will still work, until the new sim card arrives and overnight the new sim card to me via FedEx free of charge. She gave me this ticket # 110587****.

After about 10 minutes of hanging up with the supervisor I got a text to my phone saying Your Net10 number is 570328XXXX Welcome Back! 6:10 PM. Now it's the day that the sim card should have been delivered on 1/22/15 as per the tracking email saying delivered. I went outside I saw no package.

I called FedEx and told them the tracking information said delivered and I have no package, fedex said they would look into it and give me a call back. I called customer service Straighttalk to inform them of the missing package, I gave him the ticket number on the matter which was the number the corporate supervisor gave me # 110587**** and also voiced my concerns about my service being turned off. He read the case and said he was making a note of it and that he was transferring me to another department to take care of my Net10 sim card service not being turned off and he gave me a ticket number to give to the next customer service to take care of it ticket # 131553****. The next customer service I got after he transfer me was the worst.

I told her the story and it was like talking to a two year old. I gave her the ticket number # 131553**** she acted as if it could not help her. I said I was worried about my service being cut off she said don't worry you are good until 1/17/15 your card is still active didn't make sense so I hung up and went online to straighttalks website and reordered a new sim and some airtime minutes so that I could get that sim card as soon as possible, because I need my number to stay the same. I didn't have time to fight with FedEx and straighttalk about where is the new sim card spending $50.07 on the purchase order # 807****.

After that I went to bed couldn't take it anymore. Today 1/23/15 the very next day decided to go for a walk today, to clear my head, opened my door and the package from straighttalk with the new sim card in it was on the porch. I said a few curse words at the FedEx people and I ran to call Straighttalk to cancel the order I had just placed the night before to replace to lost sim card. I got customer service on the phone she said she canceled the order # 807XXXX.

Then I told her I wanted to transfer my number from Net10 to Straighttalk and I gave her the ticket that corporate said to give to the customer service when I get the new sim card # 110587****. I also gave her the other ticket number #131553****. She then started the process of transferring my number over. She asked me the number I said 570328XXXX and I also told her the story of what happened the first time I tried to transferred my number.

She said that would not happened. She said the number was transferred and that 2 to 4 business days for it to transfer and I would get my Data settings sent to the phone and she gave me a ticket # 110607****. That was all to that call, now this is the new sim card straighttalk just sent me. As I hung up the phone I said to myself I hope this went well and not a repeat of on 1/18/15.

The same day 1/23/15 about two hours after getting off the phone with customer service transferring my number 570328XXXX. I get a text saying Your Straighttalk number is 570236XXXX Welcome Back! 11.40 am. I almost fainted!

I called customer service and gave him the ticket number 110607**** and told him the whole story. I then asked to speak to corporate. He transferred me to a man who said he was from corporate office. He comes back on the line after being gone for a couple of minutes and said The number 570328XXXX belongs to Net10 and was deactivated and I need to call Net10.

I'm without my number and I feel the people who you have working on these phones are not doing their jobs with understanding of what they are doing. I got so mad I went to twitter to let them know. I requested someone to call me All I got from twitter, was please email us so we can further assist you. Then I sent a email guess what I got was another ticket number # 151********.

I requested they call me nothing not one person has picked up a phone to call me and take care of me.

I have a new number that I did not want since the first day and you did it twice how could that be. I will not this just go away, I'm entitled to have back my original number and the time from the activated minutes card to use on your service that I did not get.


I am having the very same problem!!

4 different phone numbers and 5 sims cards still cant get it fixed.


Thanks for posting this I'm so mad with them. I will use this information thank you


I've been having issues as well complaint to BBB has been filed .... No contact yet but have had issues since and think I need to update/add info to my original complaint


Reported my phone lost or stolen. Bought a new phone.

Robot zombie acting foreign customer service worker said my phone number belongs to straight talk company and I have to wait 3 days to have my phone number transferred to a new straight phone. They said they have a blacklist separate company only they have contact information to who will not release my phone number.


I got my home phone unit from Walmart and tried to see about getting connected. My account was billed for the monthly service before AT&T had even disconnected my number.

This was over the christmas holidays and my son was housesitting. He called straight talk on 12/28 and told them he could not connect. After an hour on the phone they told him my phone itself was not compatible. No one figured out that since neither of the two connectivity lights were on on the front of the phone that I had no connection with wireless at all.

The first chance I was able to tackle it after I returned from vacation was the 31st of December.

I also have no cell service in my office so I took my cell and my phone and the unit out to another room I have in the very front of my home and saw that the weakest signal light came on in the unit. It was enough to connect the service.I was ten days with no land line.

I called them and they said thier poicy is only to credit from the time someone reported that it didnt work which is when my son called and they told him my phone wasn't compatible. So they could only give me 6 days credit although I had no service from when they billed me on the 22nd to the 31st.

Very poor customer service. Also when I asked Christopher what his last name was he said it was company policy not to give out thier last names.

Really bad company.

I will be making reports to the BBB- Walmart Corporate as they have an exclusive to sell these phones and service and to Straight talk corporate. Thank you for the info you gave us!


After buying a phone, 17 day later it would not charge. Of course after 14 days Walmart would not take it back.

After over 20 phone calls and over a month later I did receive a new phone but they were so gracious that they gave me 4 extra days for my time and trouble. I am on the phone right now holding because my first call was dropped, lets see how this goes.


Worst customer service department, Never do business with Straight talk or Walmart. Rip-offs.

They will not give you the refund. Do not buy anything from them.


Hey max. Wondering did u Ever get it refund?? I'm out 90$ .they took my money an no refund.thanks.


Straight talk customer service is beyond horrible. The reps.

Barely speak English and aren't competent enough to resolve any issues. Its unbelievable that this is company taj ez our money and we get terrible service.


No, the reason is because some coatumers are so ***!!!


My time with straight talk (the last 3 years) has been mostly ok, until last week. I decided to finally upgrade my phone to a samsung s3 I purchased from walmart.

I was having issues activating it so I ended up speaking with someone who's name sounded like camel, who activated my card added my service plan and told me I was good to go quickly said goodbye and hung up on me while I was still speaking. Three days later the phone still had no service and would do absolutely nothing. After an hour of being transferred around and being asked to be patient, I became irritated the young man told me that whoever activated my SIM card activated it under a different number.....WHAT! Annnnd he needed to make sure my old number was still available, I replied your joking right?

He then asked me to calm down.

The kicker is...my old phone was still on with my old phone number...how could it not be available? He then told me he transferred everything to the new phone including my number that I was speaking to him with and asked me to make a phone call....correct me if I'm wrong, but is it even possible to make a phone call from two phones under the same number? He then told me that my area doesn't cover whatever was needed for the new phone.

He assured me that if I moved he could assist me, until then he could do nothing. Are you kidding me! Did this dude just tell me to move? ......no friends.

This is no joke. He told me to move.

I gave up. I told him I just wanted my service plan on my old phone with my old number....he told me it would be, but could do nothing about the $300 I just spent on a phone I can't use or return. Where I'm from that's called stealing.

Very deceptive company. I called back today when I realized that I had no service on either phone...and yet again spent almost 3 hours on the phone with people who know nothing about their jobs. When people where I work are rude to customers and don't even attempt to help...don't have jobs.

My issue eventually was fixed.

I guess. If that's what you wanna call it. But I am thoroughly disgusted.

This company is a joke. As soon as I can afford to buy another phone considering I just wasted so much on one I can never use...I WILL be finding another service.


Straight talk is a rip off and would love to meet one of the office personal face to face. Is there main office in Miami?



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