Straight Talk is Beyond Horrible!

After only 1 month, my phone stopped working. It would not recognize that I added the unlimted $45 card to it. The phone was purchased new from Walmart.

I called the customer DIS service department and they saw that their system did recognize that I did add minutes but my phone did not.

So, after spending LITERALLY 12 HOURS and 15 minutes on the phone with the Straight Talk customer DIS service department (that is what I call them now) over the course of approximatley 8-10 different phone calls... Still NOTHING was resolved. They gave me codes to put into my phone NUMEROUS times despite the fact that it didn't work the previous day that I talked to them and was told to do that.

So, as of today, I have not have ANY cell phone service for 18 days(almost 3 weeks). 3 Weeks that I paid for!

Straight Talk wanted me to send my phone back to them. So, they took 5 plus days to send me an airbill fed ex package so I could mail them my phone. I sent it on Thursday and it was received at Straight talk the next day.

So, I waited about a week and called them to see where my phone was... I was told 3 different things by 3 different people.. The best was by a supervisor who told me that I would have a new phone on my doorstep in 3 days. BUT, when I asked him if the phone was shipped from their warehouse, he said I DON"T KNOW! I asked him.. how can you tell me I will have my new phone in 3 days when you don't even know if it was shipped or not???? He could not understand this concept at all!!!!

He could not give me a tracking number .. b/c there was none!

BOTTOM LINE... I filed an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org and within 24 hours I had the Better Business Bureau liason at Straight talk and she personally called me at my work number and walked to the warehouse and got a new phone herself changed my number to that phone, made sure it worked. She is also sending it to me OVERNIGHT.

She is in the Corporate Office in Miami, Florida.

I also asked that I get a month FREE for all the aggravation and she agreed to do that.

This is her contact info

Main phone 800 876 **** x 6175

or 305-715-**** x 6175

fax 305-715-****

Her name is Karen Calderon

email is kcalderon@***.com

She is the Better Business SPecialist with Trac Fone Wireless.. This is who is the parent company of Straight Talk and who you ultimately need to deal with if you have a problem with Straight Talk.

I am posting this b/c I am thoroughly disgusted with the way I was treated by the foreign customer service department who are like zombies reading from a script no matter what you say to them.

I hope this helps someone.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Oh and forget trying to call Karen Calderon at straight talk she has changed her number several times if you read the posts of numbers for here...WONDER WHY? LOL


Straight Talk Customer Service SUCK! Not only do they speak horrible English they have no comprehension at all of our language!

They lie, tell you emails are coming, give you mis-directions, and just plain can not fix issue or provide you with the truth to resolve issues!

However, they can give you a ticket number to read back to them when call for the hundredth time! And forget Wal-Mart being of service even though hey are a sister company of " WALMART"


I totally agree!! The directions I got from someone speaking English (that was hard to understand) did not address my issue and it is ended up that I have to pay $9.99 to ship it back.

I did exactly as I was told - that FED EX would provide a box.

They didn't tell me I would not be reimbursed!! Yes, Customer Service does suck!


Thank you so much for this information. Im going through this same issue and its been an ongoing process for about a month now and I have yet to still receive my phone. My phone has been gone since September 25, 2013 and today is October 29, 2013. So I been without service and Im currently leaving town for a funeral and have NO phone. then they say they will only replace 2weeks of phone service, but my phone has been gone over a month. I will not recommend this service to anyone anymore.


A pissed off 5 year customer


I just read the 'StraightTalk is HORRIBLE' posting and it is an exact duplication of my experience. I bought a StraightTalk phone (w/ an extended warranty) from WalMart for my college bound daughter.

After 3 weeks the phone stopped working. Despite hours on the phone with StraightTalk Customer Care (or as I like to now refer to them as Customer 'Careless' Support), they have not resolved the issue. They are mind-numbing horrible to deal with. Two plus weeks have gone by (with service I've paid for) and my daughter still doesn't have a working phone.

I have never experienced such poor customer service from a company. STAY AWAY FROM STAIGHTTALK...it is not worth the savings.


Been using STraight talk over a year with no big issues- an occasional dropped call (*normal where we live*) This a.m woke to NO service.. no Android-- no bars-- no error messages either.

Spent over 5 hours with 4 different reps (They keps getting disconnected!) End each time I had to call back, the rep ran me through the same *** scripted list of 'things to do' to fix it-- even though we'd already DONE them 4 times!!! Last call, I asked to speak to a supervisor-- she said "I am the Supervisor" except about 40 minutes later, she informs me that she may have to transfer me to HER SUPERVISOR because we'd been on the phone too long!!! ??????

She made us set the phone back to factory specs BEFORE she even checked with the provider to see if there was problems with the carriers tower/signal!! THEN she says- "AT&T said that they are having trouble near your tower-- if it is not fixed in 24 hours- you can call us back!" WTF???? REALLY????

Can text only... and takes up to 20 munutes to send/recieve a text... no bars... no internet... NO HELP!!! :( :x


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Straight talk is such a mess.

I'm so relieved to get someone that speaks English for a change. She was very helpful and was able to resolve my issue within minutes as opposed to straight talk reps(aka India, Philippines wherever) who cannot comprehend simple English. Straight Talk is the WORST!!!!

:( Thank you whoever you are for posting this information. :grin


Good info to know. I have posted this on the Straight Talk Facebook page to let other disgruntled customers know how they too can get results like you.


September 12, 2013

I lost my straight talk phone in the Colorado river a month ago. So I ordered a reconditioned one on line. It came in time, the sims card , apparently was a different number than what the phone said the phone number was, so I was giving out the wrong number to people.

So I called straight talk india and told them that I wanted my old number from the phone I lost. The first guy stumbled around, putting me on hold a couple of times and then came back and told me that I can no longer have my old straight talk number. He said it was no longer available. I ask him what are you even talking about, That phone is still active. Putting me on hold again, coming back and telling me again, that my phone number is no longer available. I told him that was crazy and let me speak with a supervisor. A lady came on, I ask are you a supervisor and she said yes. I explained what I needed and she said Sure, I can do that for you. She acted like she was doing all kinds of stuff, and finally in the end she said, okay I have done it for you. She had to deactivate my new phone while the transfer would take place, and my old number would be activate within one hour to 24 hours.

WELL, 3 days later I started to call back, using my sons straight talk phone, because you can't call on the deactivated phone.

I got all kinds of stories, and having been put on hold SOOOOO many times..

Got a person who was going back and forth with me and their technical person, said I needed a new sims card with the old phone number on it. So they said they made the new sims card, confirmed my physical address, and said they are sending it Fed-X, and it would be to me in 3 to 5 days. That was Aug. 30, 2013.

I waited until Sept. 10th and called back wanting a status check.

Got a lady who was talking to their technical person, back and forth again, the constant being put on hold for 3 minutes at a time, and told me that they could not deliver to my P.O. Box, and I told her that I did not give them my P.O. Box, I gave them my physical address, the same one that should be on file when I ordered this new phone that I have. She actually put me through to the technical person who asked me several questions, seemed to be speaking with someone in the background, seemed to be making my sims card again and we went through my physical address several times, and I insisted that he send it to me Overnite and with "no signature required" . The Techi told me no problem and we verified it with each other several times. He told me he was all done, I would receive the new sims card overnite, but it would go out on Wed. Sept. 11th and I would get it on the 12th.

WELL needless to say,,,,, NO Fed-X today, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. So I called the special line with my own pin # that they had given me, and another lady answers, I explain my situation all over again, she puts me on the 3 minutes hold numerous times while talking to her Techi.... I told her I wanted the Fed-X tracking number and the direct number for the corporate office in the United States. Eventually she verified my address again and said their was some kind of problem with the address but it had been fixed now and it would be sent back out to me, I insisted overnite and she said yes, overnite, but it would not be sent out till Monday, Sept. 16th because they would process it tomorrow and that was Friday. I said you can send it out tomorrow on Friday and do a Saturday delivery. She said they would be sending it on Monday, Sept. 16th and I said so I should get it on Tuesday, Sept. 17th, and she said yes.

I ask her again for the corporate office phone number in the USA and she gave me 1-80*-***-****, which I called and it is the number you call when you want to activate or refill your straight talk phone or need technical help.... Great......

I will be calling this ,, Karen Calderon with hopes that she can help.

I've had straight talk for maybe 5 years now and have never had any problems with my phone to where I needed Technical help.

THIS HAS BEEN, a friggin nightmare.

Eric in Prescott, Arizona


Karen Calderon....Karen Calderon@***.com...350-715-****...She Will SOLVE all Your Problems...She Stated To Me All Of That "OverSeas NoneSense" Would Be Handled And Changed!! And That they Are Supposed To Offer Any of Us With Issues A Refund if its been Within 30-60 Days...I told her Based On People's Experiences OnLine, They Tried to Have Their Issues Resoluted From Day 1, But the "OverSeas Crew" Would haggle Them back & forth, holding any resolution for up to weeks on end...

If Any of this Has happened to you & Your are NOT still within grace period of 30-60 days, STILL CALL because I still feel like Karen can do something for you...Especially if you are able to chronicle the events that led up to Your situation and Explain what happened Before During & After You spoke With the Overseas Departments Getting NoWhere!!...I hope this is helpful...I just got off the phone with Karen Today 9-4-13 10:00-1050 am...The Above Information is her up to date info, and this phone number is her Direct Phone Number As of now, She stated it has just changed, used to have an Ext, but now this is her Direct line...She knew That there were other posts with her info on the Internet, She also Knows that I would Post this... Honesty is the best policy so just tell everything that has happened to you while being courteous straightforward Nice but STERN!! You'll get your resolution with her I Guarantee it, she is good at what she does very patient and on the side of the Consumer...

She handles All the Better Bureau Complaints.. She is TracFon/StraightTalk & Net10's SpokesPerson & EXPERT..Best Wishes & God Bless...


Absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. I was told there are 10 cents in a American dollar when I was trying to figure out my international calling plan...

After I explained there are 100 cents in a dollar.

The lady proceeded to tell me she could not help me and hung up...Great value up front but more than frustrating when it comes to Customer Service my advice is to call the corporate office in FL and save yourself the wait time on the phone. 800 876 **** x 6175 Straight to a human who actually speaks english.


i am currently dealing with straight talk in terms of sending my replacement phone..i went thru *** in order for them to send me my phone...im still currently waiting for them to send it...they told me that it is going to take another 3-5 business days for them to send my phone. this will make 3 weeks that they had my phone...ive missed phone calls for jobs and doctor appointments all because of their ***!..this was very helpful and i thank you for posting this information.

after this time i will not deal with straight talk. i got better service from virgin mobile than this!...and the fact that they have you send your phone in without getting the replacement phone first is ridiculous!


I have to agree, as a company Straight Talk has brought me little satisfaction.Their website is frequently shut down and their automated service line has enraged and frustrated me to tears on more than one occasion.I guess you get what you pay for


I asked them to replace my cell phone number with my landline number. They immediately disabled both. 10 days later the cell phone works, but has the wrong number. Landline is disabled - so I still cannot receive calls. They lied to me three time abot when the service would be ready.

It appears that they are totally incompetent, but worse they have no integrity.


Just want to say Thank You!! :grin


had the same thing happen to me.. Phone that I bought was ***..

So I contacted straighttalk. They said they would replace it. it would only take 3-5 days from the time they got it. After it being 5 days I contacted straight talk.

They said it was processing and didn't know when I would get it. I was supposed to have had it. it was day 5. two days later I got the phone.

Charged it like I was supposed to. New phone wont turn on.

Its a dud. so upset.


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For those who rate this post ***, you are in line, It can happen to you.

I have been using straighttalk for 6 months and never had any problems. Happy with everything and saving money.

Suddenly I could not call international (even after having international plan)...

I called for the first time to customer service and they kept on transferring me here and there.

There was absolutely no reason for me to transferred to 5 different departments for just a minor problem. I was angry, upset, frustrated... Which would be an understatement for someone who has called a company for 18 hours. :upset

The problem with them is, they dont know what they dont know!

Then I called the company to cancel the account and get the refund for the next 3 months that I paid 2 days ago and the gentleman in the management department says that since you have consumed 37 minutes, we cannot refund it. I told him, on his face that Straight talk has hired bunch of jokers and he hung up on me...

I did not know whether I should be angry or feel pity for all the guys who are using straighttalk!!!!

Basically, if u have not faced any problems yet, you might face it anytime and will thank this guy for providing this number!

This number just worked. I had a world with Maria.


I had a charge on my bank statement that we did not make. Not a customer.....I called 877-430-**** stated in Florida.

Guess what reached three different people that I could not understand. Finally asked for manager still could not understand, finally after over 1 hour on the phone to get a credit on my account. The last 20 minutes and the guy said I needed to stay on the phone in order for this to take place. I asked if he could call me back after doing the credit he said NO.

I needed to stay on the phone. After asking for the home office phone number. He was ready to finish. "BULL ***" It was costing me money on my phone.

I never got the home office number...That was the WORSE treatment that I have ever gotten.

If this is a business in the United States "WHY NOT HIRE AMERICANS TO DO THE JOB FOR YOUR COMPANY" so we can understand them. I would not use this service if it was the only one available......HORRIBLE service.....

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