Straight Talk is Beyond Horrible!

After only 1 month, my phone stopped working. It would not recognize that I added the unlimted $45 card to it. The phone was purchased new from Walmart.

I called the customer DIS service department and they saw that their system did recognize that I did add minutes but my phone did not.

So, after spending LITERALLY 12 HOURS and 15 minutes on the phone with the Straight Talk customer DIS service department (that is what I call them now) over the course of approximatley 8-10 different phone calls... Still NOTHING was resolved. They gave me codes to put into my phone NUMEROUS times despite the fact that it didn't work the previous day that I talked to them and was told to do that.

So, as of today, I have not have ANY cell phone service for 18 days(almost 3 weeks). 3 Weeks that I paid for!

Straight Talk wanted me to send my phone back to them. So, they took 5 plus days to send me an airbill fed ex package so I could mail them my phone. I sent it on Thursday and it was received at Straight talk the next day.

So, I waited about a week and called them to see where my phone was... I was told 3 different things by 3 different people.. The best was by a supervisor who told me that I would have a new phone on my doorstep in 3 days. BUT, when I asked him if the phone was shipped from their warehouse, he said I DON"T KNOW! I asked him.. how can you tell me I will have my new phone in 3 days when you don't even know if it was shipped or not???? He could not understand this concept at all!!!!

He could not give me a tracking number .. b/c there was none!

BOTTOM LINE... I filed an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau www.bbb.org and within 24 hours I had the Better Business Bureau liason at Straight talk and she personally called me at my work number and walked to the warehouse and got a new phone herself changed my number to that phone, made sure it worked. She is also sending it to me OVERNIGHT.

She is in the Corporate Office in Miami, Florida.

I also asked that I get a month FREE for all the aggravation and she agreed to do that.

This is her contact info

Main phone 800 876 **** x 6175

or 305-715-**** x 6175

fax 305-715-****

Her name is Karen Calderon

email is kcalderon@***.com

She is the Better Business SPecialist with Trac Fone Wireless.. This is who is the parent company of Straight Talk and who you ultimately need to deal with if you have a problem with Straight Talk.

I am posting this b/c I am thoroughly disgusted with the way I was treated by the foreign customer service department who are like zombies reading from a script no matter what you say to them.

I hope this helps someone.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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I'm posting this comment with the hope that someone sees this and be warned that the cost of straight talk may be good up front $45 unlimited text,web and minutes but you will pay dearly when it comes to trying to get quality service from these people in time, frustration, and humiliation they have taken up over thirteen hours of my time already accomplishing nothing so I'm going to try to save my self some time and not give them the satisfaction of taking up any more of my time than needed. I cant to even talk about them because the more I think about how I've been ripped off and how cheated and helpless I felt the more I give them what I've already lost.

I'm a christian man and I'm sorry to say at times I've lost control dealing with these people. If this was a test my grade was low. Satan never tells you the whole truth he never talks straight but it sounds like straight talk to lure you in and when you find yourself in a situation and your having problems he has no answers but you know that dealing with those so called customer service Reps. or what ever they call them selves your being sifted like wheat.

In closing I just want to say that I agree with all that have voiced their discontentment with straight talk. And I pray that all our issues be resolved.

But to all them that are using straight talk and to all that have invested in straight talk in time, frustration, and humiliation, and those of you who are still contemplating purchasing straight talk, if you should find yourself having technical issues and need to talk call the customer service representative, GET PRAYED UP FIRST AND PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD to protect yourselves from those fiery darts that Satan will throw at you, using them for his weapon of warfare against you.


I bought something from them and didn't get my phone got everything but that also payed for overnight shipping wasn't here when it was suppose to be payed 14.95 for nothing highly pissed


Brought replacement smart phone. The sim card was invalid in this new phone.

Told by csr manager that they will send new valid sim card in 3-5 days. Never received one...called additional 4 times to order another sim card because received sim card. It has been over 3.5 weeks without cell phone service. Tried to return phone to walmart but past 15 days of purchased date.

Just filed claim with BBB.

Worst company on the planet.


Update: I was told my ticket was processed again and again. today I call and find out my phone isn't in stock anymore and they offered an INFERIOR phone.

So now I have a new ticket to dispute the replacement.

the phone they offered has less features, worth 90.00 less, smaller screen, less battery life, and bulkier. I have put in a request for a phone that is actually comparable to mine, at a 40 value loss i'm hoping because it is still 40 less than my phones value that I can get it approved but of course they waited until Saturday to tell me about it so it cant be addressed until Monday, further delaying my getting any phone at all.


On June 27th your records indicated that you finally received my defective phone (I went through many employees since June 14th attempting to return it). I was told it would take 3-5 business days to receive my replacement phone as of June 27th.

Then I called back after 48 hours to find out why I hadn't received a tracking number via email for my replacement phone and I was told that my defective phone was lost and corporate would have to authorize the release of my replacement phone and my ticket was on hold. So I waited a couple days and called back, no email was sent and my ticket was on hold. Day after day my ticket was on hold until finally July 1st a manager told me it was processed and would be delivered in 3-5 business days. July 2nd I called back to get the tracking number, but my ticket is on hold and the warehouse hasn't gotten the email.

July 3rd I was told my ticket was processed and was PROMISED my phone would come July 8 or 9th. I called back today to the supposedly corporate number and my ticket is still on hold. I was told the same thing as before except that the warehouse cant be contacted until Monday and that Monday is the earliest it can be shipped out. What?

You said it was processed on Wednesday July 3rd! After talking to over 10 managers and 3 "corporate" employees, I'm at my wits end.


Cant get a hold of that lady. I'm waiting on an email from corporate to tell the warehouse to release my replacement phone, it's been 3 weeks. I talked to another customer still no phone after 7 weeks for them.

let's hope.

I had an email exchange with an employee, same story as the rest, no employee or manager knows why the last one said what they said, and 3-5 business days.

yeah, okay.


I too had this happen, I just left a voicemail with karen. hopefully it will get resolved soon

it's bee 3 weeks without a phone

and 1 employee

3 managers

still no fix.

i know the other companies are expensive and have contracts but at least they DON'T want you to be without a phone. I used to have verizon and their policy is to get you a replacement FIRST within 2 business days. I used to love straighttalk but now I am just stuck with a lesser of evils as far as cell phone companies are concerned.


This was very helpful. I too had a major problem.

Karen would not answer her phone or return calls or emails....I called the main number for Straight Talk 305-715-**** and told the operator....she connected me to Kim at ext. 6100 who finally fixed the problem.

You have to call the main phone number, not the 800 number. The 800 number connects you to an outsource location and they just put you on hold FOREVER!!!


On May 31 2013 I purchased a phone w/45$ unlimited airtime from straighttalk.com. I got the phone the next day, when I got my phone I did as instructed in charging phone.

The phone never charged and when I plugged it back in it flashed a red light and the phone would never come back on. I sent it back for it to be replaced, two weeks go by and still no replacement phone. I called customer service and they told me that they did not have the same phone in stock. I asked for one of equal or lesser value they told me no, so I asked for a full refund in the amount of the phone and airtime.

They told me that I could be refunded for the phone but not the airtime minutes, so I contacted the woman stated above to tell her my situation and she is never in her office to take my call.

I left message that I am ready to get my lawyer involved if this matter is not met with swift and just action in the refund in the full amount I have spent. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

@Jakhia Wsj

It's amazing how many people are having the same problem! I'm on my 2nd return with them; the first time, only several weeks ago, was no fun, and this time is horrible!

They took their time sending me a return box (they had promised me both times to email postage, to expedite the process: didn't happen), and have had my phone since JUNE 13. Meanwhile, I do not have a phone that I've paid for, and one of their robots is calling to remind me that my air time will soon expire. They absolutely refuse to discuss this issue with me by email, and have mandated that I call them; if I'm lucky, I get a real person in 15- 20 minutes, who has no interest or compassion with respect to my problem, and cannot give me a reason why we could not resolve this via email. In fact, they can't give me a reason for any of the problems they have created for me.

They said they sent a phone, and gave me a tracking number that does not exist! This is an arrogant, incompetent company - lousy product, lousy service, lousy attitude.

In one of their communications to me, they threatened to "escalate". When I asked them to clarify that, they refused.

They will also not discuss airtime credit with me , until this issue is resolved. Why should there even be an issue to "escalate"?


I have had Straighttalk for several years and was fortunate enought that I had no need to call customer service for problems but now, the first time I have a problem, I am being screwed royally. I purchased Straighttalks Samsung Galaxy Precedent and within the year I started having problems.

I called Straighttalk after going to Walmart and having them tell me they are having alot of complaints of that phone doing the same thing my phone was doing, and they told me they would send me a label for me send my phone back and the would send me a new phone. I was upset because they would not go ahead and send a new phone and me send them my phone in the package they send as I have done with other cell phone contract phones. They told me it would be about 3 days after they receive my phone that I would receive the new phone. I have still not received the new phone and it's been like 3 weeks.

My husband finally went Mother's day and bought me a new phone, the LG Optimus Showtime. I still want my replacement phone as I paid $190.00 for it less than a year ago.

I just hung up from a call with Straighttalk a few minutes ago, after pulling up my cell phone account and finding that my cell phone I sent to them has disappeared off of my account!!!! I have it as "inactive" since I was going to use it again.

STRAIGHTTALK went in to MY account and DELETED IT! I am shocked and astonished and furious because they did this,and not only that, but in my call with them just now, they told me that they have NO record of my having anything, no account at all with them prior to the phone I am using now! I can not believe they would so blatantly ROB someone. How can they get away with what they are doing to people!

I am trying to get my husband to find that receipt so I can prove I sent them the phone but now am concerned that i don't, or others have this problem, they are going to be robbed the same way. That's a $190.00 I paid for a phone, that belongs to ME, that they are hiding and not replacing! Great way to boost their income and pocket some extra money huh?

If anyone knows of something I can do or has had this happen, please write and let me know. I am FURIOUS with Straighttalks DIRTY business!


my bbb complaint:

June 1, 2013

About A month ago straight talk/ trac phone did a browser update and ever since my internet browser has been very slow and or not loading pages at all and if I clear history che and cookies I get a message from trac phone / straight talk that my browser experience has been improved / enhanced and to complete the update I need to enter my phone # so I did and then I'd go a few days and then clear my history and che and cookies and it pops back up again after 20 times of this I was irritated to say the least. so I called straight talk and was told they wouldn’t help me because I didn’t have another phone # they could call me back on and then he had the nerve to ask me to go use my neighbors phone at 9pm by a csr Mark ID #618967 first and then a manager named Joseph 56312 id # after arguing with Joseph for 20mins or so he told me to hang up with him turn my phone off and wait 2 mins and the turn my phone back on and he'd call me back this was 2 mins before 9pm p.s.t. waited 10 mins no call back and when I called them back they were closed for the day. (Can you say very bad business practices). So I call back the next day and got a manger Matt 43364 Id # at the corporate office he did the same thing told me he couldn’t help me without another # to call me back at. After arguing with him for 10 mins he finally helped so I thought. Matt had me go into my phones application and clear my browser and then I was told by matt I would get 20 days of free service for the aggravation and he ask if my browser was working ok I said yes and we ended the call. After the call I went to go to 1 of my bookmarks and they were all gone every bookmark I had for the last 1.5 years some of witch where ever imported where erased and Matt didn’t even have the intelligence to tell me before he had me clear my browser that this would happen nor did he ask if I need to back this info up if I could. What B.S.!! Also the supposed 20 days of free service I never got. My service ended 3 day latter as it was going to anyways. Again what B.S. And of course my browser still doesn’t work and every time I open it I have to enter my phone # to “complete the update” to improved/ enhanced my browser experience. So not only did I get lied to and jerked around I can’t use my browser and I was expecting 20 free day of service so I didn’t buy a new card because I thought “*** me” I’d have 20 more days and as I don’t drive I know have to take a cab to get a new card when I was at the store 2 days ago and if I’d known that straight talk was full of it and lying to me I could have got 1 then. I hope straight talk does something about this but I’m not gona hold my breath *** company *** csr’s and *** managers what a business.

Fix my browser so it works like it should, give me at least the 20 free days of service I was promised + a month for the aggravation since, get back my browser bookmarks that your employees incompetence erased for me, train your employees and learn how to fix a problem the first time as well as figure out how to help people who don’t have a second phone for you to call them back at instead of wasting time arguing with your Costumer for 20 + mins and hire competent people.


what a S*tup*id sit they blocked the word S8tup8id twice lol


I was sent a text to update my browser,the link did not work.

next thing i know my browser is not working...talked to all these underpaied foreign idiots who work thier script. I was told i had over used my data...tell me how can I overuse something I pay for "UNLIMITED" ....TOTAL BS

I am contacting my bank and filing a dispute of payment until this fixed satisfactorily


No response to any of my many complaints about customer services reps that do not understand the customer at all. I will give them my information, list my complaint and they will give the scripted "I am sorry about that one" and then repeat back to me a totally different issue from their understanding.

Just purchased 3 phones and two of the three do not work. I have been trying to over a week to get an airbill sent to me so I can return my phone before my 30 days have expired and that is not going to happen now. I have used the information listed here and have not received a response, other than generic email responses saying my issue requires I contact customer service (the core of my complaint) or that Karen Calderon was out of the office on the 15th, 16th and 17th and I would be contacted when she returned and that has not happened.

I sent another email and got no response. I am beyond unsatisfied and will disuading any one thinking this is the way to go!


Now everyone wants to call the number,thinking they will get a new phone.Good luck with that


I don't want a new phone! I don't want to have anything to do with Straighttalk.

I'll wait 10 years and see if they get their act together. Maybe I'll try 'em out again then.

Maybe they'll employ Native English speakers then... :upset


Thank you to whoever posted this and to the helpful info and Karen's contact info. I found your article a few weeks ago when I had my first mishaps with Straighttalk and bookmarked it incase it would come down to this. I was actually on the phone with a manager named Dezwell, located in the Philippines and he stated that there was no one there who could help me. *!!!* All I wanted was to cancel my account and to be reimbursed for the phone & the service time that I paid for.

When I was trying to explain what the last customer srv rep told me he repeatedly talked over me, cut me off and got louder! He would not stop and listen! Where on Earth do they get these people! I'm not an ***, I know the customer isn't *always* right ('course I work in the service industry too), but Geez, Straighttalk! Have the decency to teach your employees, let alone MANAGERS what good customer service is! Teach them what Americans expect! Its easy as pie: Listen to your customer- let them get it ALL out and summarize what they've said to show you were actually paying attention!

When I asked where this guy was located he said the Philippines and then I said, no wonder I can't understand you and he said "I can't understand YOU PEOPLE either!"

I'll be happy when my money is returned to me, but unfortunately I will never get the time back that I wasted with them. :upset


they bleeped out the word: i di ot...

not sure why.. :upset


I called the number you used and it definitely did NOT take me to 'Karen Calderone'. It took me to another call center in Straight talk, and he refused to give me any information.

He just tried to transfer me to someone else. :((((

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