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Hi. I just bought a new Straight Talk phone & I called Straight Talk to ask them to tranfere my phone number from my old phone to my new phone & was told that all I needed to do was switch my sphone, g galaxy 6 sim card over to my samsung galaxy 8 phone & automatically it would be switched over.

I think somebody was taking the easy way out of doing their job bec it worked for a while & I gave my 19 year old daughter my samsung galaxy six phone & today we bought her a card. I had 10 left on my time plus a card on reserve. The second she activated her phone, they deactivated mine. We have different phone number but they linked our account.

They won't let me reactivate my phone. We called & somebody from another country spoke with me on the phone & she gave us the run around before she said there was nothing they could do so I told her that I wanted to speak to a manager & she told me that if I continue to be rude, she will hang up on me so I said I'm not being rude. I just want to speak to a manager & she said, that's it, goodbye. Then she hung up.

When we called back, we got someone else that seemed to be from the same country & she said that she will reactivate my phone but I will lose my time on it plus the card I have on reserve so by this time I'm exhausted so I said fine & she said okay, she'll reactivate my phone & I will keep my phone number. Well, I bought a new card & put it on my phone then I tried making a phone call & my phone is stll deactivated & the card it took went directed to my daughter's phone when I used this phone to do it on line. According to them bec my phone remains deactivated, my phone number is now not in their data base. We have used my daughter's phone to get a hold of them again & have been waiting now for 30 minutes.

I thought the customers were supposed to be treated in a more curtious fashion bec if it wern't for us customers, all the straight talk employees would be without a job.

Us customer pay their bills & I don't think they realize that. I could at it to my yelp review & see how many customers drop their straight talk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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