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I purchased my first straight talk phone in March, 2012. Within a month, the phone stopped working.

I got a replacement phone and that one stopped working as well. I replaced the phone again, and it stopped working 2 weeks later. I returned the last phone, but they sent me back a cheaper phone as replacement. I called them and spent 1hr50min on the phone explaining that they sent me the wrong phone.

They sent me another replacement, but this phone was also incorrect. When I called them again, I spent 1hr on the phone with them, then was disconnected.

I called again and spent another 1hr30min trying to get this matter resolved. This ussue is still unresolved a month later.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Replacement.

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I'm having the same issue! The sent me a refurbished replacement phone that won't charge.

Then, they sent me a new battery and it still won't charge.

Now I have to wait another 7 days without a phone to receive the 2nd replacement phone and they refuse to send me the replacement before receiving my defective phone. I'm thinking of just dropping them.

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