Greensboro, North Carolina

On March 27, 2010 I paid $270.00 for to phones & 2 $45 cards. I loaded min on via the phone. I loaded min on via the help of customer service the same day.

On April 25th I loaded min on -1298 via c/s. On April 25th I ATTEMPTED to load min on -1277 but was told by automated message that my phone did not exist with Straight Talk. That was my first time regretting I bought the phone. So I tried again on 4/26 which still wouldn't let me load the min. So by now my phone has been cut off and I went on to speak to c/s. The first PERSON I spoke to made it sound as if it were my fault the min wouldn't load, "YOU HAVE TO LOAD THE MIN THE DAY BEFORE YOUR MIN END". Your first mistake was to talk down to me! Your second mistake was telling me that every month I was going to loose a day of "PAID" service because I have to load the day before my min expire every month.

4 days of BS went on with Straight Talk. I went through 15 to 17 people, was told 2 times I would have to wait 24-48 hrs for my phone to be reset.

I was given DAVID's 800.876.5753 ID#53155 name through a friend and finely found resolution to the whole fiasco. It was a "FLAW IN THEIR SYSTEM THAT KEPT MY PHONE FROM WORKING RIGHT".

What do you know, I couldn't get a hold of David on the 28th of May to confirm my "FREE" min not really free after the b/s I went through would be added.

This will be posted on "COMPLAINTS.COM" and any where I can find to post it. I know you have new people signing up every day and you really wont miss my business but everyone I talk to will know/be warned about STRAIGHT TALK!


Jeff & Wanda

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