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Straight talk mobile is currently advertising a free ringtone on their mobile web site. When you click the banner it brings up their "supposed" promotional tones, but when you click one it asks you to buy it and requires your credit card information.

I emailed the company and they told me they do not offer ringtone's for free, so I sent them their OWN link and told them they needed to change it because it was false advertisement.

They in turn emailed me again telling me they do not give out free ring tones but clearly their site is still claiming to do so. I hope somebody catches on that can do something about it because I am getting nowhere!

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I saw the same add, straight talk offer free ringtones but when you go to the song list it's nothing free about it. Straightalk cell phones are in the past, they use to be pretty nice phones now that everyone has one there a piece of scrap they say you can return it if not working correctly, but the truth is none work correctly and you loose your min. trying to get it straight, they should be called straightdown in trash


I am very much satisfied with Straight talk. My cell phone and home phone is through straight talk. Very good service and the voice clairty is excellant.


hey why do you guys say its free when hyodown .oad it they say to pay 9.99 for it when its supposed to be free


language barrier my friend...its not just the accent


language barrier my friend...its not just the accent


Why is it that every other phone company allows for the consumer to download on their phone from other sites. This is really *** that I have to buy ringtones from you and I don't even like them.

They're too worldly! Take the block off my phone!


i really think it s straight bs too.


I use phonezoo now. The ringtones are sent straight to your phone and it's free, even on pay as you go accounts!


I want my money back from this lamebrained idiots. I bought the Motorla phone from Walmart and I want my frickin money back!

SOBs put a frickin ringtone standard on the phone you can *** hear ... idiots!!@!!


whre can i get free rngtnez n i hte be unda diz company bk my phne alwayz gyttn shuy down :( :(


:( :( :( :( i hate straight talk no good ringtone :( :( :(


:( :( :( :( i hate straight talk no good ringtone :( :( :(


There is a free Halloween ringtone on their website currently, but only available through the 31st of October. I downloaded it for free with no problems.


:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :x :( :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :) :eek


:grin i luv straight talk and i found my own website to get free ringtones, wallpapers, games, themes, and evrything else!! u just gotta look harder!!

@straight talk lover(:

Can u tell me what website? Straight talk says I have to go thru them and I have been trying for 2 weeks and am unable to preview before buying. Can't get an answer from Straight Talk, plus I found another ringtone I really like but not thru Straight Talk.


go to myxer.com for free ringtones for your staight talk phone. also it depends on which phone you have.

phonezoo.com is good too. (you have to be on your phone to download.) Hope this helps


dont haveone :(


hmm seems kind of petty considering anyone looking for something for free on the internet is a fool. Straight Talk has been great to me, I get unlimited everything including data for only 45 bucks a month and I can even get a smartphone for it.

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