I have bin out for 2 years not having a cell phone. but having my kids growing up I need to communicate with my wife from time to time.

I have had a bad experience with straight talk 2 years ago. but was in need for a quick cheap phone. did not even know about metro pcs.

so running to Walmart looking for a cheap device. found LG sunrise. after activation of the phone the problem started the first day. app crash default typing. google play has topped working and list went on and on. 3 weeks later the phone got stuck on LG screen after it started to reboot by its own.

ooooh boy. now I had to call costume service. my wife already gave me the look. ok take a deep breath. so yes I got j will on the phone. that sound like a made up users name. was my thought. any way bad English speaking Hindo / india guy. as we all know and have experienced. told him the phone is dead a hard soft reset or download mode is not possible it won't let me. the first thing he sad I will sent you a new phone. and it will be at your house in 3 and 5 work days. I will also send a return label for the other phone. so I sad do I need to send the phone back first before I get the new one. no when I send you the phone the return label will be in the box and send the old phone back in the box we send you. ok easy I thought don deal. rote is name down and waiting for the package. and waiting 3 weeks later nothing. open my straight talk account type the old phone number in phone deactivated dhuuu of course. now costume service. and this girl was rude. happy me. is it the phone number you calling about?. no its not its this number. so I gave her the number. its deactivate. me its about the replacement from the phone. did you send the phone back.. Me no told her what j will told me. he send me a email with a label that made no sense to me and never have received a label from fed ex. or send to my mail box. well u should have send the phone to us. ok deep breath. so I sad with what label or do I throw the phone out the door in the hope it will end on your desk is that how your airmail works. I am sorry she sad. I will send you a new shipping label to your address. I sad do that mean while I send it out today with track and trace because your fed ex airmail sucks. and I will know for sure it will get there sign off. I am not *** and this will be filled for court if I do not get my other phone send back in your lost fed ex airmail. or how ever you was planning to send it to me. have good day miss. so went to metro pcs and got me Kyocera waterproof cell phone that works fine. there customer service is a *** to go true. like most of us has gone true. and this after 2 years not having any cell phone. going true the same story again. this time they get to see a lawyer. do not get a straight talk phone. from Walmart as many confirm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Cell Phone Activation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am Maria and I work with Straight Talk. Please let me help you get this resolved.

Send me an email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com and we will resolve your problem right away.


Hi. I’m Alex from TracFone Wireless.

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