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Straight Talk phone company (in wal-mart)will cut you off!!!

My renew date is the 18th (they even send text telling me to renew on the 18th)then on the 17th they cut me off (still had over 250 min left)!!!!

I have used them for four mouths and this is the second time they have ripped me off of days and minutes!! Fifty percent of the time!!!!!!

I highly recommend you do not use straight talk as your cell company!!!!They will steal minutes and days from you if you do business with them, this is over and above the fact that they all round it off in their favor 100% of the time!!!!

BEWARE they will steal from you!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

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My phone keeps interrupting my calls and gives me "urgent information" like you have 800 minutes left, etc. It's driving me frigging MAD!!!!!!!!!


I have had problems for months. The first problem was they stole 617minutes from me and still had 14 days on my plan.

i would call and after alot of screaming i got my minutes back. this happened for 9 months and this time they refuse to give back the minutes i paid for saying my phone is not calculating the call time properly and that their computer is right.I said were does the info on your computer come from? they said your fone.I said if my phone is not calculating correct call times and the fone sends it to their computer then how on gods green earth can the computer be right? They are complete idiots no common sense.

THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!! you pay for 1000 minutes and 30 days of service and get 383 minutes and 14 days of service. I'm going to call the better business bureau. I'm not done with them yet.

Everyone needs to know what they are doing. Don't let them steal from you!!!!


i have never has any trouble with stright talk i think there *** good so u guys need to back off of them if ur not happy go to someone eles


i keep taking my phone back to walmart until they get it right so far 2 new phone and counting Walmart will have it out with straight talk when the get all these phones piling up its a defect and im returning it every time this sure beat a plan free new phone until one works right thanks. the browser wont connect its a defected phone hay hay.....

Im sure that one will work eventually or Walmart is going to start asking a whole lot of question. i suggest you do the same have the receipt and return the *** until it works.


My kid cut off trying to call me from school. She still had three days left on the month.

Not a reliable service. Godforbid there is an emergency!

2+2=4 They're scammers....

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