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I have auto re-fill set up to pay my Straight-talk phone bill. I told them when I set it up that I am on Disability and don't have money in the account until the 3rd of each month, so....what do they do this month???

They take it out on the 2nd, luckily there was money in the account.

However the left me with $6.00. Then when I called to explain this to them, the person can't understand enough English to understand that I was pissed....not even when I told her if it happens again I will teminate the service..

Location: Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania

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I am wanting to know if anyone has recieved an error 130 in their straight talk phone. Im trying to find answers.


I have error 130 on my straight talk phone it just started doing it when I paid, my phone auto matted service.. Does anyone know how to fix it?? Because the straight talk people don't know how..


I used more than 1.1G and I got a call from 180******** that straight talk may deactivate my service if I keep high data usage. What a joke!

It is only 1.1G for 27 days. I used straight talk for three months and only recently I watch a few youtube shows and receive this mean call.

I called to cancel auto refill and I probably go to mobi for 5 dollar more to get 8G service. Straight talks tells a lie to have unlimited data usage service.

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