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Update by user Apr 05, 2014

I called Straight Talk again this morning and they put me through to TracPhone. lol.

After another hour on the phone, they decided they are going to send me yet another phone...but the difference is, this phone will be activated to a Verizon tower. Apparently the one they sent me yesterday was activated to a Sprint tower.?!

The original phone I bought and used for 2 years was connected to a Sprint tower and worked just fine until I talked to Straight Talk. Now I got 3 phones and none of them work and have to wait on yet another replacement phone. I asked them if they could overnight the phone and the answer was NO.

I should get it in 3-5 business days.

So another week without a phone. The lady assured me this phone would work, I said the rep I spoke to last weekend told me the same thing when they sent me the 1st replacement phone.....

Original review posted by user Apr 05, 2014

My phone was cracked, wouldnt charge and I got it wet. I had an extra Straight Talk phone so I called and wanted a number transfer.

The next morning the phone still had Error Code 67 and 16. I called them for 3 days. They told me everything from take the battery out, turn the phone off and on, Update PRL, Update Profile, and ##72786#. They even had the nerve to tell me to drive to a different zip code.

After 3 days, they tell me they need to send me a new phone. 7 days without a phone I get the "NEW phone" and 5 hours later on the phone with them, this phone is doing the same things the other 2 did. There are no supervisors and every person tells you to do the same 3 tests. They read from a piece of paper and have no idea what to tell you or what they are doing.

Finally a representative says, The only thing left to do is change your number." With hesitation, but desperation, I agreed. Now I dont know what my new phone number is and my phone still doesnt work. So I call back and While Im in hour 5 of being on the phone with them, I get my original phone that I got wet, to turn on. I said *** this, just transfer my number BACK to the original phone.

So now it has the same Error Codes and it doesnt work. Update PRL, the message reads, "An error has occured while CIDC, please try later. After googling this problem, I realized there are many people saying the same thing and there is no help. Obviously the problem isnt with my phones, it is with Straight Talk.

They ruined 3 phones, including a "brand new" one they sent me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

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I'm imagining after so many months this has been resolved.

Hopefully it was. And if so what finally did it?


Hello. This is Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We are sorry for what you have gone through.

We can be of any help. Please send us an email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW.