Cullman, Alabama

I've had straight talk for 4 months and it is the worst service I've ever had. Customer Service is NON EXISTENT and based in Central America.

The signal is awful, photo messages are available only in your HOME area, no photo or web access while roaming....

I'm done. Gone to T-mobile...l TODAY! Don't waste your money on this *** of a service...

Usually Wal-Mart products are good..... but they should have stayed out of this market... Their contracts with cell tower providers is lacking terrribly.... There actual coverage is maybe good, but the ability to keep a call going is not. Too many dropped calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Been there, done that. Had ST for 2 years.

Hated every minute of it. Switched to Mint Mobile.

Problem solved. Straight Talk is straight trash.


I liked straight talk back when unlimited data was unlimited data. Now its called unlimited data except...if you go over the unlimited what a friggin joke. False advettising to say the least.


I bought a new straight talk phone 2 replace my last 1 and now my refill date is on a different day and when I buy a card it doesn't give me the full data I bought I bought unlimited it's limited at 38


Its impossible to get any online customer service!! *** ***!!


When you can't even reactivate your phone because it doesn't give you any warning the day before your phone turns off.

So now I'm here writing this stupid review instead of having decent service. ANY CALL U MAKE TO GET SERVICE IS DROPPED, so I cant even buy a new *** card.

WHY do they make buying a card so difficult?? The nearest store to get them is an hour and a half away from me. I cant even buy it online because my phone is 'off.'

I'm thinking I should go back to T-Mobile.

***, even Cricket was better, and they sucked.

to Heather #1616950

Yes i think cricket was better too. And yes they sucked too .

Clarkrange, Tennessee, United States #1321713

Straight talks website sucks! I can never get it to load while on my iPad and I have high speed internet.

So annoying. Their customer service sucks too!

to Anonymous #1322174
Straight Talk Wireless Verified Representative

Hi. I’m Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please click on this link to chat with a live agent.

For your convenience, you may contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-877-430-2355. Our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

to MariaST #1373647

Bull. If your phone gets turned off (because they dont warn you, like a decent phone company) then you just get screwed over and can't call anyone.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1270147

Have dealt with straight talk for years and figured our that you get new recruits on phone reading prompt cards.ask for floor supervisor and if he don't know then ask for his wife tells them first off ..before I ruin your day and you mine pass me to your superviser.nothing against you but they can direct me to service quicker and I won't end up yelling at you.I have problems with charging on some phones and same thing.they wanted me to reset phone when I couldn't even turn it on.he insisted I do that before we could proceed

Wisconsin, United States #932404

you've got that right!! They are awful!

Moscow, Pennsylvania, United States #863693

This isn't new science. Straight talk is a very bad service! Stay clear!!


I have had Straight Talk for a few months now. They advertise $29.99 per month.

Yet, I am charged $35.20 a month.

Walmart told me it is tax. That is 17% sales tax.

The phone is supposed to be unlimited talk and text only. Yet, for $5.00 more a month I could have unlimited talk, text and web with Metro.

My brand new phone does not hold a charge at all.

Once it gets to 2 bars the next step is a red bar indicating the phone is about to die.

I paired it with the blue tooth in the car and for some reason it keeps connecting and disconnecting as I drive.

I called home the other night and my wife could not hear me. She said it was breaking up. I tried calling the customer service number.

No one ever answered. I wanted to dispute the $35.20 a month when I should only be paying $29.99 a month This is horrible service!!!!


I needed to reactivate my phone service, but I lost my reactivation #. I got in touch with them, but all they could was sorry. I had already purchased a service, therefore I attempted purchase a SIM through their bring your own phone program, but they said that the phone ,"which I purchased through them", was not acceptable.

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #638344

I have had straight talk for 6 months. then all at once they cut off my data even though i payed for unlimited data.

no good reason was given, they would just pass me from person to the next.

then just hang up. I'M PISSED :upset

Whitesburg, Kentucky, United States #585652

I bought a zte merit from Walmart and ported my phone number that i have had for 10 years to it less than a week ago and I could not hear on the phone customer service said just trade it out at the store so I did. Lost my whole month service plan and my number I am going to sew this company do not get this service

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #584303

I have been using it for 20 days. Used my unlocked smartphone and got a TMobile compatible straight talk SIM.

No 3g coverage in areas with even good 3g coverage as per TMobile coverage map. Only edge works even though I have 3g network enabled and access points configured correctly. I have another friend on straighttalk with an at&t compatible SIM. 3G works for him, but terribly slow.

Pathetic customer service. You are lucky if you get someone on the line within 30 minutes of wait.

I am moving to TMobile at the end of 30 days period for which I paid.


I'm 50 years old, bought this phone, an LG, for $200 at Walmart, then also bought a ONE YEAR plan for it, for $495- put down $700 CASH and gave the phone to my kid- at end of month one, the phone SHUT OFF- had to call and reactivate it- at end of month 3 it shut off AGAIN, and now I'm on the phone with their foreign accent indian ? customer service dept, making me wait AN HOUR just to turn it back on again.

WTF is with these phones ? *** THIS *** !!


Got a SmartPhone with Straight Talk, I pay in advance but still every month the phone service gets cancelled by their system! I have spent HOURS with Customer (Dis-)Service, but the issue persists.

I chose to get the Samsung Galaxy Precedent because it works on the Verizon Network, so connectivity has been great and no dropped calls. I also like the phone itself, but having to deal with the same *** and broken promises every month is getting old fast.

I used to be a big proponent of Straight Talk, but PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY unless you can handle a pay off between stress in your life and a cheap monthly rate. NOT worth it for me anymore.


my phone has not worked right for two months they told me they needed to send me a new sim card to change my no to a new phone this is the third phone i had hellllppp. i have to put everyone on speaker phone to hear what they are saying. its so frustrating because i am yelling in the phone not realizing the people on the other end can hear me.

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