York, Pennsylvania

I purchased a Straight Talk smart phone for my daughter and set up auto-refill to pay for the unlimited data plan.

Three weeks ago, the data service was shut off. My daughter called them to report the Internet was inaccessible, but gave up after being transferred through several foreign representatives whose command of English was so poor she couldn't understand them. She still had phone service, so she assumed they would fix the data when her service refilled.

Straight Talk sent me a notice that they were processing the credit card payment on January 21st, and notice that they had refilled the service on January 25th. My credit card statement reports the charge went through on January 23rd. However, the phone was deactivated on the 23rd.

When I called to find out why the phone wasn't working, they said it had been shut off due to "excessive data use". When I asked how somebody could use too much data on an unlimited plan, they refused to explain and said they had to question the user about her data use. I explained that would be difficult, considering she couldn't use the phone, and was told the phone would not be turned back on until she called them and they hung up on me.

So, it was obvious that they had arbitrarily turned off her data service, with no notice to anyone, and then drafted money for the next month of service, knowing that they were not going to provide service. I think that's called FRAUD.

Their customer service is absolutely horrible. Every time you call, you are transferred from one representative to another and none of them speak English well enough to carry on any semblance of a functional conversation. Frankly, I suspect this is an offshore company hiding behind a Miami address. Every person I have spoken to (bar none) talks in heavily accented Indian.

I am currently filing complaints with the FCC, the Florida State Attorney Generals Offices and the Florida Public Utilities Commission. I would recommend nobody dealing with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

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Straighttalk is a huge scam, bait and switch. First few days it worked well, then they shut off my internet. I guess you get what you paid for but they are fraud for advertising "unlimited" internet.


Thanx I was going to straight talk for data but I keep hearing there I might as well stay with tmobile or switch the virgin mobile even thought there service sucks and they got a great new line of androids and now they got the iphone 4 and 4s thanx


gone through same thang. jus sent a complaint to them askin about their 'unlimited' data usage.

mind you i was using torrent, but they do ignore questions like, 'if you can monitor me why can't you throttle me?'. anything to keep cheap service from a company i once like.


I too am very confused and I am glad that you all above have came foreward and saved me the hassle. I have the most simple unlimed plan and the most simple phone.

If it is a "non contract" service and they are monitoring month to month useage there is a giant problem and federal laws are being broken! you may want to start a joint law suite protecting all of the other customer that have been scamed by this. Your information has been helpful and I am still looking for a no contract smart phone... any suggestions please?

Where I live sprint service is horrible (central PA) I need a smart phone but with contract I dont know what my income will be in 2 years.

Thanks for saving me the hassle! Let me know if you have any ideas Please


I hate you *** artist


One morning I got a call from some automated recording stating that I had used too much data on straight talk so call unlimited plan. They threaten to shut off my data ...then one day my internet connection was very slow.

Here's their policy you get maybe 2 gig of 3g data and anything else after 2gig is like a quarter of a g of speed. They slow my internet so bad I can't even get pic message. This is to the straight talk idiots sitting at their technical support office since when unlimited had a limit..

I hate my prepay wireless like you are going to hate my prepay paralegal service that I have.... you will hear from them soon


I think I might have gotten lucky.

My first month with straight talk I expected to get cut off at 2 gb of data use. That month my data was never turned off and I downloaded 8.2 gb. Maybe the first month they ignore "excessive use" of data to keep those new customers then limit their data afterward (this is my second month and after 3.9 gb my Internet seems to have crawled to slow 2G-like speeds--maybe they're going the t-mobile route now for their data policy).


Well put chachin. I don't know if the rest of my post showed up so let me just say I am not supporting Straight Talk.

I personally am doing straight talk bring your own phone program. I am using an ATT HTC Inspire 4G, and got a call today saying their gonna shut me off. What kills me is, they start this BYOP program, and they're not prepared to deal with 3gbs in a 25 day span? I'm sorry, but if they don't expect me to take advantage of my data when I'm under the impression its unlimited, they can *** my ***.

Cause its my data. And it should be unlimited.


I know what you mean. At least they had the courtesy to sent me a voicemail telling me they were going to discontinue my service if I continued to use data. The problem is, they DO reserve the right to shut off your service. According to article 6 of Straight Talk's terms of use:

Straight Talk may discontinue providing Service to you, discontinue your account, discontinue providing connections to particular telephone numbers or types of Services used or called by you, terminate data connections and/or reduce data throughput speeds for customers whose usage, in the sole judgment of Straight Talk: (1) appear likely to generate abnormally high call volumes or Mobile Web Access and data usage and/or abnormally long average call lengths or Mobile Web Access and data usage as compared to the usage of other Straight Talk customers; (2) may be harmful, disruptive, or interfere with the Carrier’s network or Straight Talk or the Carrier’s ability to provide service to other customers; or (3) for any other reason in Straight Talk’s sole discretion. For detailed description of activities that could result in service interruption or termination, see paragraph 7 and the section entitled “Straight Talk Features: Intended Use” under the Mobile Web Services Section below. By initiating Service and placing or receiving calls, you acknowledge and agree to Straight Talk’s right to terminate your Service under these circumstances.

It's a load of *** I know, but it may also be very difficult to fight in court, considering you agreed to those terms upon buying and activating the phone. I just wish they wouldn't be such sleazebags. I used to like them. Now this.


You said it man... I have a network monitor on my Phone and was threatened shut off with only 300 mb used on a so called unlimited plan.

This company is a rip off....And there foreign call center sucks too.. They told me you could access websites just not download anything.

Such idiots don't they realize the simple fact you are on the internet that you are downloading images and pages etc. They don't just appear.


sam walton will burn in ***


same thing here unlimited should mean unlimited and should not have an acceptable use someone should do something legally to stop jerks from using the word unlimited as a market scheme.


Same here shut off hung up on got ur money already. so tough

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