Quincy, Illinois
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I bought a Samsung S4 with Straight Talk and run off ATT towers. Whenever I go through a no service area and come back into service I have no data until I restart my phone.

I called Straight talk and asked them about this problem. They told me yes when I lose service I'll have to restart my phone before it will allow me to have data service even though I have phone service.

They say it will switch for calling but not data once it loses service without restarting the phone. So unless you want to start and restart your phone a lot I would stay away from Straight talk and AT&T.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Hi! I am Maria and I work with Straight Talk.

Please let me help you get this resolved.

Send me an email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com and we will resolve your problem right away. Thanks.


Looks like you did not do your homewook before you purchased your phone HUH?All cell phones has some sort of short fall.Learn to read the small print Better DUH.Plus if you where not so Cheap,You would have a Real cell phoneVerizon.

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