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I currently have a mobile hotspot with straighttalk. I logged onto the internet for 20 minutes (mind you, the browser was open to google for 15 minutes, while i was doing some cleaning, then I started a google search ) & I got a screen saying I needed to replenish my data plan, which I thought was strange since my service end date isn't until 5/07, & I may use the hotpost every few days for 30 minutes or so.

I used my phone to check my balance on the website and sure enough it was 0. I purchased another 2GB plan and checked my email for about 10 minutes. Later this afternoon, I connected to the internet. After 2 hours the same message popped up on my screen to replenish my data.

I used my phone to log on to the website & my balancr was once again 0. The entire time I utilized the internet during this 2 hour period it was very slow, some pages did not load fully, or I had to refresh multiple times. I visited the turbo tax site for 15 minutes, checked email, and performed basic searches using google. I DID NOT stream any video or music & the only webpage that may have used the most data is TurboTax, which i highly doubt was much since I've visited the site before for well over an hour & had no issues or data drain.

I just find it strange thay this happened & I've used the hotspot on a previous weekend months ago for at least 3 hours & my usual short spurt twice a week & still had data left at the end of the month. I used Cricket wireless before, with the same amount in the data plan, & i used it to take classes online & complete course assignments & I never experience an issue such as this.

The only reason i switched was due to their merger with another company who's service area wasnt the best. No I seriously wonder if I should stay with straighttalk I refuse to buy another plan that will probably disappear after 10 minutes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless 2gb Plan Mobile Hotspot Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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