Buffalo, New York

I bought two 30,00 cards on line through walmart when I called straighttalk they told me I needed 45,00 card I spent a total 65,00 for nothing they dont care about thier customers why do they 30,00 card if you can't use them I have no phone at all

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Had you researched a bit, or even read the information on the phone's box, you would know that smart phones require an unlimited data card.


I am Maria and I work with Straight Talk. Please let me help you get this resolved.

Send me an email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com and we will resolve your problem right away.

Include your name, a contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number. Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email or you can chat with us live @ http://bit.ly/16DrgbW .

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