Straight Talk Wireless Cell Phone Replacement Reviews

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Advertised vs Delivered
Price Affordability
Value for money
For the last few months I have been dealing with a issue with Straight Talk concerning a replacement phone Brand: LG Stylo 2 Model : lgl82vl S/N: 603CYZP0029565 IMEI: 55865-07-025665-3 I purchased this phone and joined Straight Talk. At that time I had the phone for about 4 weeks. The phone all of a sudden stopped working. It would function in every way except the screen stays black. I called Straight Talk and it was determined that the...
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After being a loyal StraightTalk  for many years, I hate to say I'm disgusted by this company.Not long after purchasing a new straight talk phone from walmart, it stopped working. I was unable to make or recieve calls or text messages, or use the internet. It was completely useless. I contacted support who went through all the basic troubleshooting for my phone to no avail. They said I needed a new sim and it would be shipped to me and I would...
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Nothing more but a thieving company that has a bunch of ppl dumber that a box of rocks working for them.. It is all a scam.. And we have fell prey to it.. My phone pen broke.. They said send it in for replacement,, it took over a month to get my phone.. And they sent me a different phone.. Cheaper,, *** no!! I call them back.. Spent almost an hour and half on the phone.. I have never heard PLEASE HOLD so many times in my life,, And was...
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I didn't like
  • Misleading info from every agent as well as refund promises
  • Service is very poor very verry poor
  • Being lied to about tracking info
For some reason every employee that you speak with at straightalk gives you a different answer to the same question such as one lady told me my phone would be here on tues by 4:30 no phone then yesterday i was told it would be here on fri by 4;30 but nobody can provide me with a tracking number what is the sulotion here
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Sharon Turner I was a straight talk customer for almost one year less 3 days.I had problems with both the phone I purchased from them and the service the entire time. I finally switched carriers in January after having no success with locating a seconds worth of customer service. My screen on my new phone was just shattered when a dog knocked it out of my hand. So I was trying to use my old phone which I paid full price for from straight...
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