Sturgis, Kentucky
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Have been a straight talk customer for years. When they first started they were great.

Now? I noticed that if your really careful live where there is wifi you can manage the 5G. Live in rural America? You are in serious trouble.

I don't understand it but in NJ I make the month just in KY my phone racks up a Gig a day. Yes IPhone. Well good example bought a 5 gig card for hotspot. I bought on 12/9 in the afternoon.

It is 12/12 and the data left is 3.3 gig how no one was here using it and I was only checking mail and looking at a few furniture website. Roughly 5-6 hours tops possible. iPhone is on AT&T, Hotspot is Verison. Live over a acre away from all on a hilltop.

No one is hopping on. Explain? Tried of this *** thinking of switching to GO phone.

Yes have complained many times.

They do something and it is great for that data plan then we are back to the slow down and data gobble. 2-3 minutes to open FB on high speed

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