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I tried to reactivate my granddaughters phone on july 7th. Ther was some computer error on you side that wouldnt reactivate it.

Was told we had to wait 24 hours ,then it would be working. Well it didnt. So we were told we needed to wait another 48 hours for you to correct the problem. Guess what, still no service.

So we went to a walmart in marion iowa ,as we were now on vacation and went to the nearest walmart to us. The employees at walmart were extreamly helpful. Your side of the customer service sucked. We were put on hold for extreme amounts of time.

And got no where. Walmart talked to several of your employees as did I. Got nowhere. Just kept being told we had to wait another 24 hours to get service.

This was not acceptable. As we had already waited on you for several days to correct your computer problem. If it wasnt for the manager at walmart stepping in and demanding you correct the problem who knows how long you would have left us without service because of your incompetence.

Your manager Oscar wouldnt even help us. What kind of customer service do you have letting us be without service for 5 days because of your problem and not caring.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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