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Straight Talk Wireless - Lying promos

Straight Talk Wireless - Lying promos
I only had enough money to buy a 35 dollar card this time and when I got more money I checked into buying an extra data card which happened the same day as I was looking at what they offered which the highest one is only 2GB I got this text message so I got excited and called no one could help me they said it was a mistake that I had to buy a whole new plan well that sux seeing how Verizon , tracphone and straight talk are all the same company don't you think they should honor this promo anyway I mean isn't there a law against false advertising?I've never had so many problems with either company until lately now it's like one after another. EVERY SiNGLE TIME I HAVE TO DEAL with them !!!!!! Did management go to sleep or what!!!!!
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Straight Talk Wireless Deal
Okay, so after saving my points for years and finally redeeming them for a FREE month of service, I lost my discounts. I even called and talk to a rep to make sure that would not happen before doing it. In order for me to redeem my points for a free month, I had to...
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Hi PetitePike. This is Maria from Straight Talk Wireless. I read your post and am sorry you’re having some problems. We are determined to help you in resolving this issue. All...

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