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Straight talk, they should be called double talk. I completely understand that after 3 GB of high-speed Internet is used, it's going to throttle back to 64 kB per second, or lower.

The only problem is I haven't gotten 3 GB of high-speed Internet. It's so slow it took 53 minutes to download at 300 MB file. I keep getting told that it's my fault, it's my phone's fault,it's the towers fault, a hundred other seasons, and yesterday they told me it was all AT&T's fault. But my favorite excuse, is the one were I was told that it mattered where I was located in my home and if my phone was stationary.

I asked stationary, like I'm sitting in one spot or stationary where it needs to be sitting on a table or flat surface. And to my surprise she said sitting on a flat surface. I laughing then, just like I'am laughing now, and the very nice man at AT&T's corporate office that I also spoke to, laughed too. Oh, and they never would give me a estimated speed for their high-speed Internet.

I decided to download a Test your speed App. It was a 16 MB app. I put my stopwatch on, and it took 44 minutes to download. That's right 44 minutes to download a 16 MB app.

That breaks down to about 5 kB per second.That means it averages about one megabyte per three minutes. Unless I've completely screwed up the math. But after waiting 44 minutes to download the app, I did a speed test with kilobytes as my measure. I took 20 test over a period of time, and then average them out and it came to 5.5 kilobytes per second.

That's not even close to 64 kBps. I can't even count the amount of people I've spoken to, the amount of time, ( 8+ hours) I put in trying to resolve this issue. Their customer service isn't the worst I've ever experienced, but is definitely one that given me the most doubletalk I've ever dealt with! I've called Walmart customer service three times they have gotten in touch with straight talk and had it escalated, which didn't help.I plan on calling Walmart back.

They seemed interested in giving me a refund, since I don't think I'll get one from straight talk, I will try to get it from them. I've called AT&T customer service just to inform them that straight talk or TracFone is blaming it all on them. Going to find another carrier. I just wanted them to refund me for the last two months I have had their service.

But did not receive the service I paid for. I think all any of us want, is the service we paid for. And if anyone is interested, the CEO of the company Frederick J Pollak phone number and home address are listed in the white pages. I called, and was told I was talking to the chef and that Mr.

Pollock wasn't home.

I think that's *** and it was him on the phone and he just didn't want to hear from a unhappy customer. Can't blame him he has a lot of us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Internet Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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