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I got this phone assuming it was pretty good, which it is overall. It's a 4G LTE device.

According to there website and ad's and commercials, with the data, the first 5gb are supposed to be at high speeds, well I'm here to say the WiFi I use was way faster than there 4G. I mainly used WiFi this billing cycle, and less than a week later I apparently ran out of my high speed data, but according to some foreign Straight talk representative I used exactly 4.19 gigs of high speed data, well people that's not quite 5gb is it, so I'm supposed to be on the much slower 2g service, well my phone is still saying LTE on top of the signal bars. So I called today to get them to fix my slow data, well after me bout ready to flip out over the *** they try to pull, they tell me since I used all my high speed data already, that there's nothing they can do to get any webpage to load at all, so I ask this ***, well if that's the case then your saying every straight talk customer who has been lowered down to 2g service won't be able to use the internet?? So that guy says yes that is correct sir, I said no that isn't correct, I said straight talk is a scam and is a huge ripoff to everyone who uses their services.

If your like me and can't afford anything else right now, it feels like a waste of my money, I mean unlimited is supposed to mean unlimited, right??? They have these stipulations in fine print on the boxes the phone's come in, and I'm aware that after a certain amount of data, the speed drops, it's always been like that, but for me who can't use his internet at all, even at reduces speeds, it *** me off to no end to think they asked me to buy another service card today, and I would have high speed internet once my month is over with, I'm like yea *** that and hung up...I'm sure alot of you have had bad experiences with straight talk wireless, and somehow, someway they need to be stopped and they need to quit *** people over all the time

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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