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I have been using StraightTalk for over 4 years. I'm 59 years old I do not play me games or record videos or stream videos ,music, or movies.

I have been doing the same thing with my phone each and every time. I went and purchased a 45$ 5G card when my phone is shut off or when it's about to and add it to my phone. This month is the first time that it took my 45 minute 5 gig high-speed data within one week ( oct. 18th - 26th).

I research antiques because its how i make my living. I haven't even done any research yet. I usually run out of high-speed data around the last week of my card. I have lost all my high speed data because as stated bye your technical support they said I used it.that when i up dated my apps, which these phones tell you to do from time to time.

I do as it says. He tells me over and over that is why it was used. I told him I'm not a thief or a liar. I told him the only app I have on this phone that isn't built in is a Clean Master to help keep the phone clean and it is also a small app.

I have a 16 gig SD card. Messenger Facebook photos are all on it. I called today to find out where my high speed data went. 2 days ago the phone asked me to update apps.

It is done this many times in the four years that I have uses phone from straight talk. I have a Samsung Galaxy core prime. I'm 59 years old I do not play any games or videos or stream videos, music, or movies. I've been doing same thing with my phone.

For them for years. Nothing has changed and all I can do is keep telling me that I used it I updated my apps. I have no Wi-Fi ,no laptop,No no home computer. I have no cable or hotspot or anything like that.

I have been doing the same thing as it is how I make my living for thw last 4 years. So another words what he's telling me is that the phone I purchased from straight talk which tells me to update my apps that are built in to the phone is charging me to update those apps and I've Never Been Told that that's what it does. I've never had any of this happen ever. I'm being punished for doing exactly what's your phone told me to do so that it runs right.

I hope that gave you that so many times and I've never had this problem. In fact I've never had this problem ever. Why would I be charged all that valuable high-speed data for doing what your phone told me to do with the apps better built into it. It makes no sense whatsoever and it's absolutely wrong.

And the persons that I talk to you first was a lady you couldn't hardly speak English and she told me she had it fixed and that she put it back on and told me all I had to do what shut my phone off and then turn it back on and I would be good. I shut the phone off turned it back on and it wasn't fixed. I shut the phone off pulled the battery out waited a few and then turned it back on still nothing. So I call back again I get in a guy you can't hardly speak English they don't want to hear nothing except for he's telling me that I used it.

I said look at my history on my phone and you will see that I always run out towards the end of my plan not within the first week. He told me that he couldn't look back on mine history. Yeah he can sit there and look at the screen and tell me this one time that I get it. But nothing I've done is any different than I always have I asked him to talk to his supervisor he told me he wasn't supervisor.

And I hung up on him. So now I'm researching and trying to get to the top. If I do not get my data back. As I did not use it only to do what your phone told me to with apps that you have built in here because I won't be punished neither will I be charged $50 so I can update apps that you all tell me to do.

How can the first one the lady tell me that she had it fixed. Then the next person the male does not even look at my side or do what needs to be done to resolve this issue. If I can't get it fixed then I will get off StraightTalk I will tell everybody I know which is quite a few people to get off Straight Talk before it happens to them and I will let people on social media know what will happen one of these days and to change to a different phone provider. I am very angry and disappointed in TracFone and Straight Talk way of doing things.

I don't deserve to be punished for updating apps that you all told me to do.

Your response to this matter would be kinda appreciated and welcome. Thank you for listening please let me know something my Gmail is Jake

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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