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Please contact me. Those *** idiots almost gave me a heart attack.

I had to deal with them yesterday. I noticed I couldn't get the internet or make a call later on so I called them and asked why my was off. Finally he told Mr take battery out wait a minute. put battery in and turn it on.

Why I did this I asked him so why was my phone turned off and I want this day of no phone service justified. I asked him over and over again he finally answered me and asked my zip code I told him and he said they had an outage in my area. I said I want day added to my time. He said no I said excuse me and told him I want to speak to a manager and he said she will tell the same thing.

I went off and told him you need to learn how treat your customers I will expose you to and you any job any more. I felt so cheated. Ive had numerous previous encounters with stright talk represenatives where i was out of phone for a month the games played.

I see they had a comercial on tv this week. I guess the screwed enough customers to advertise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Straight Talk Wireless Verified Representative

Hi. I am Maria and I work with Straight Talk.

Please let me help you get this resolved. Send me an email at ST.CorpResolutionTeam@straighttalk.com and we will resolve your problem right away. Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number.

Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email. Thanks.

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