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Worst customer service! I ordered a sim card to transfer my number to new straight talk phone.

Never needed a sim card for any of my previous phones with them. First off, it took a ridiculous amount of

Time on the phone with them just to order sim card, which I don't understand why they couldn't see my info from my account I've had with them for years. It was super annoying and took over 30 minutes. I didn't write down their confirmation number but I did give my email address so didn't think it was necessary.

Weeks later I called to check if they sent it out yet and they had no record of me ordering one?!! Really? How is that even possible when they had to put me on hold to check if St Paul was really SAINT Paul and wouldn't consider me giving my address as St Paul credible source and had to check themselves but never even sent one out to ST Paul. Arrrgh!!

So had to go through process over and get new one ordered. Then when I received card and called to activate it, they had to have imei # to activate my sim card.

Long story short, they wouldn't activate my sim card BC the phone wasn't scanned at checkout. I got angry and wanted just sim activated or to activate phone, I had said the word *** once which was the only curse word i said throughtout our entire conversation and the lady hung up on me needing to end conversation BC of my foul language.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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