Wapello, Iowa
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I bought one of their smart phones at Wal-mart. When I got it home I purchased a 30 day automatic refill data plan over the phone with my credit card. After trying for 4 hours and putting in numerous strings of numbers we could not activate the phone. Understanding their customer support was extremely difficult and frustrating. I decided the phone was never going to work - perhaps their signal was too weak here? However other phones work well.

So I was advised to return the phone to Wal-Mart and wait a few days and then request a refund on the data plan. Wal-mart refunded the purchase price. They noted they had rec'd lots of returns of these Straight Talk phone.

I ran into trouble when I tried to get a refund of the data plan. The said since the phone was never activated and I was never assigned a phone number they could not find any record that I had purchased a data plan. A few days later the charge appeared on my debit card. I called them back and they maintain that since I don't have the phone or a phone number there is nothing they can do.

Well there is something I can do and that is to tell everyone I know to stay away from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

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Unfortunately I used my debit card and the Credit Union cou;d not stop payment.

I think we should be complaining to Wal-Mart since they seem to be the exclusive provider of the service. In fact I am going to e-mail them right now and suggest they look at all the complaints on this web site....


Since you got no service dispute it with your credit card. They will put the charge on the side til they decide. Which should go well for you.

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