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Customer service is VERY bad, can barely understand them every time I call. READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, unlimited has a limit and its NO STREAMING any media online or they will disconnect your phone.

It's unlimited minutes and text (when it works) and unlimited web browsing. I was told by straight talk management I was able to stream about 10 minutes of YouTube per day without them turning off my phone. If you ever have a tech problem with your phone they will lead you to a menu option in the phone to update profile and if that doesn't work there is nothing they can do and you are stuck with no use of your phone. Honestly the price isn't that great, there are a lot of other pre-paid, contract free providers out right now.

Don't get straight talk to just save $10 a month, they are a joke. Me and my wife are both unable to make or receive text and calls over 50% of the time and we have both been mistreated and ran in circles for about 2 months with them.

Buyer Beware and good luck.

REMEMBER READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS- Wich seems like the only place to find it is on their website. seems a little illegal to me, no contract, ive had 5 of their phones none of wich had a copy of these terms and conditions and everything on their $45 monthly plan says UNLIMITED all over it with no mention of not being able to stream (pandora, netflix, youtube, any streaming service)

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yeah.. its definatly the worst service ive ever seen and used.

you will barely get 2 bars of unlimited data ....its speed isnt 4g all 2019. time to close shop. if i knew how bad it was id never of bought it at all. stores that sell them really should take them off the shelf.

companys need to perfect their tech b4 mass production. its creating alot of tech garbage also every year newer better phone. HOW ABOUT you just take the time to read ahead of the make as much money as possible path and make the phone based on every 5-10 years plan working on how tech is quickly changing. after 10 years how much tech garbage still sits on shelves or landfills.

that 10 years was planned beforehand. 1 change in a feature yet same infrastructure of the phone and carriers little to no actual teamwork between companys and distrust. after i found out how bad straight talk is i snapped the simcard in 4 never turned the phone on again. im mad 100$ was completely wasted on false advertising coverage and speed.Nj.

literally a cell tower mile or 2 away from me. one bar mainly 2 rarely.