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So I called straight talk about a week ago wanting to change my plan from there $45 unlimited plan to there $30 1000 minute plan. I'm set up on there auto refill system and have been a straight talk customer for about 8 months. Up until now I can say I used to be pretty happy with there service, all the way up until I actually have to deal with them. When I talked to the lady on the phone, she spoke horrible English... It was so hard to understand her. She asked me to repeat things multiple times and kept saying one more minute while my system is figuring it out at least 7 or 8 times. I proceeded to ask her again, I just want to make sure that the $30 plan will not start until the end of the 30 days of service I had already paid for this month. She said it wouldn't, that the $30 would come out on September 9. Well last night I checked my account...they charged me the same day I talked to them for another months worth of service even though I still 2 weeks left on my contract. Last night to get this all straightened out....I called the customer service center to talk to them about refunded my account for the $30 because like I said I called to change my service future plan not to be charged that day...I honestly don't even think they know what there doing or how to do there job. So last night was awful. I got disconnected 3 times, I was on the phone with 3 different reps. I asked multiple times to speak to a supervisor. I repeated this story over and over again with each rep too. Finally the last lady I talked to said she was going to transfer me to the refund department supervisor (even though at the beginning of the conversation she said there was no way of refunding me). I was on hold for an hour, nooooo one ever picked up.

Today I called my bank and processed a claim against them. I am getting a refund through my bank and my bank will investigate straight talk. I did however have to re contact them today in order to stop the auto refill from coming out of my account. Once again I got disconnected twice. So I had to wait on hold about 30 minutes. I finally talk to someone, got them to process "the cancellation of my auto refill". At the end of the conversation I asked her...where are you guys located out of? She said the Philippine's. So for all of the complaints I read that said they don't speak good English and you cant understand them(including mine)....that's why. And the last question I asked was how late is your refund department open? she said 11:45 remember how I said I was on hold for an hour to speak to a supervisor in the refund department...THEY TRASFERRED ME THERE after hours...that's why no one picked up. How incredibly rude, and a huge waste of m time...

By far there the most awful company I have ever had to deal with. Don't start service with them. You will regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

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I have exactly the same experience as hers.When i changed my plan from unlimited to 30$, i i didnt get a service for days..the same horroble experience that i put on hold for hours and transfered from one person to another, asking the same story everytime you are transfered to another person. I also requested if I can talk to the manager because I aont have extra line to use, am just using a friends cel..but the lady just kept me on hold andd tried to fix it..a hit and miss type of fixing!!!...up to this day, i dont have yet a service! straighttalk sucks..yes they say you pay less for the service..but they forgot to pay for stress fone!!


I also encourage you to visit the following site, where I was directed by the US Better Business Bureau as the appropriate venue to file a complaint against the company:

I have nothing but good things to say about straight talk. :grin

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