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A Straighttalk phone was purchased for me, and when I went to activate it, they said it was not scanned properly when it was purchased at Walmart. Since someone else purchased the phone for me, I do not have the receipt.

No one will help me since I do not have proof of purchase. Now I have an almost $200 phone that I cannot do anything with. Walmart will not rescan the phone without the receipt, and Straighttalk won't reset it without proof of purchase.

I have talked to customer service multiple times, and been on the phone for at least an hour trying to resolve this issue. It is ridiculous that I cannot use my phone because Walmart didn't do their job correctly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: activate the phone.

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I am going thru the same problem with my straighttalk phone I received as a gift for Christmas. I cant activate it because customer service says it wasnt scanned properly and I have to take it back to place.of purchase.

Not only did had the receipt been thrown way before I opened my gift but I myself had thrown away the box night before and trash was picked up that morning. How can I resolve this issue? I have had straighttalk service for years now and no problems love my service, but this is a big issue for me.

Nobody has been able to assist me or anything with customer service.plz contact email me what options I have. $300 phone I cant use!


I am having this same bogus problem with the phone card I bought a few weeks ago, I bought a straight talk phone thru Walmart .com it didn't arrive for months. Someone else was evidently using it b4 they sent it to me.

I have been treated like a criminal ever since when it was notmy bad. There has been nothing Ivan do about it. It really *** me off! And now as they tighten down the screws they re not even going to let me activate it anymore.

Thieving from me the cost of a worthless phone card whe I can least afford it and need a phone more now ever since my husband has severe medical problems & I must b able to receive calls .

There r lies against type of anti trust corruption. From reading the comments, if u notice the problem occurs when one person buys the phone for another cuz they only want those who buy it to use r2qvue


Hi am also having a problem activating my moto e cell phone that was bought for me as a birthday present. I was told by the customer service that it was not properly scanned.

I have no receipt because it was a gift n it my friend cannot find the receipt. Please help.


Hi my name is Cain and I bought a s4 mini on e bay and they said it was not scanned what can I do my number is 7317804031


Maria seems to be a magical creature. Same name and reply to every complaint on every site.

Straight talk is a ripoff.

When you finally do get someone it's always "we need to update your information". They don't have a clue, nor can I understand a thing there saying due to accent and background noise.


My phone wasn't scanned properly and now I can't use it I bought a 30 dollar card to put on it and I can't can u please help serial#990005864597373 sim# 89148000002381356804

If u could hep me I would greatly appreciate it

Thanks contact #2055169292


Any help?




My number is 5737175054 my friend bought me a phone for a gift and it was not properly scanned help pls