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when i got my income taxes i got me a samsung galaxy 2 from wal mart i had it for about a week and i had to send it in becasue the phone was working but it was getting so hot that it was melting the battery, well i did every thing they asked and got my phone back well when i got it back they told me i was gonna get three months for free didnt get it and my phone was slow and it was suppose to be fast even the internet was suppose to be fast my first phone was fast and new, well any way i i have been using my other phone for like 1 month or 2 and well after paying 45 dollars for a unlimited card my internet was suspended, so they said and the only thing i do is get on facebook and download free music not suppose to take up data because it suppose to be unlimited im not happy with this, i would turn my phone back in becasue this phone is burning up to and i am not on it for long at all and i dont have it plugged in, unless i need it charged, i bought two 45 dollar cards

Monetary Loss: $500.

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straight talk its bull *** after 5 days of my activation of my phone they suspended my internet why they lie to ppl unlimited and its limited and second thing i am so freaking pissed because every time u call they cant say why and how much u used but u used to much and they trying to tell me how to use my phone i dont understnad if u say unlimited how can u limit me idiots *** them and hope all ppl will stay away from this prank from them so they dont egsist anymore


When I got my income taxes i went to wal-mart and bought a Samsung galaxy s2. I had to return it the next day because something was wrong with the piece that your charger fits into.

Wal-mart refunded my money and I went to another wal-mart (since that one was out of stock) and bought another galaxy s2, I had the phone 2 months and it slid off my couch to the floor and shattered the under screen. I called straight talk customer services and they sent me the package to mail that phone in. a week later I get a RECONDITIONED galaxy s2 that has the same problems the first one I took back to wal-mart had. They said I had to let the battery charge for at least 5 hours and then try to take out the battery and turn it on...

I did that and NOPE wouldn't work. SO now I have to call them back again and complain. I am a SINGLE MOM of TWO kids. I need a phone and I do not have 299 to go buy another one plus I lost the time on my other phone.

IM ONE PISSED OFF MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( ! :( :( :(


I did exactly the same thing you did back in February with my tax money. I have been with Straight Talk for 3 year prior.

I bought a smartphone for one reason and one reason have the advantage of all the apps and features the smartphone has. And now I am stuck with a $300 phone that is not worth ***. Glad I did not buy their Iphone 5 for $649.00. Feel sorry for the ones that have.

Moving my service to T Mobile after numerous phone calls to their customer service and talking to the Walmart cell techs. TMobile does offer TRUE unlimited data. If you do not talk much then you can purchase a $30 plan per month at Walmart for TMoblie with 100 talk minutes and unlimited data and text.

Data you can use to stream video, watch netflix and anything else. :(


I bought a sraight talk smart phone with unlimited data. one month later

they disable the data i cant open almost any web page or play vodeo.i called many times but nothing. any one trying to buy a straight talk phone is wasting his money.

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