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Straight Talk Wireless in Jackson, Tennessee - Customer service don't care

I woke up to find my phone cut off, number given to someone else. I had my number for 10 years. Boy was I mad. I was on phone with them 4 to 5 hours trying to get my number back. Talked to 3 to 4 different no help people. Never would do anything. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan
Reason of review
Poor customer service
My daughter purchased a $30 card to renew her minutes. However she was unaware that she had to purchase the $45 card, as someone else had bought the phone for her, and apparantly chose the $45 plan initially. Straight talk would not allow her to add her minutes using...
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Overreacting. You can't use the $30 refill card with an android phone.

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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Straight Talk Wireless in Johnson City, Tennessee - What didn't happen you mean!!!! Getting the run around no matter who they tell you to call!!!!

Tired of getting the run around by the reps and service people!!!! My Phone hasn't worked right in the whole month I've owned it and I purchased the 2 yr service plan, well that doesn't one wants to help, just passes you to someone else!!!! I don't understand how you can advertise something and not help your customers....Even the supervisors don't seem to know what they are talking about!!!! I have tried to get my issue resolved to no avail.... its been a week and still no help or answers! Being on the phone for hours is NOT good customer service!!!! Straight talk needs to get better at resolving there issues or advertise what you really offer!!!!
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I don't even want to begin to tell you my experience but I'm going through it currently. How is Straight talk still in business??


Hello, this is Maria from Straight Talk Wireless. We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

We can be of any help. Please send us an email at or you can chat with us live @


worst customer service I've ever delt with in my life!! I would never recommend this company to anybody I don't even see how they are still in business with the way they screw their customers

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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan

Straight Talk Wireless in Nashville, Tennessee - Excessive data

Update by user May 02, 2013

I forgot to add on while Wal-Mart is the exclusive dealer for this company they DO NOT encourage their associates to use it. It's not one of the companies that they have negotiated a discounted rate for. I really should have paid attention to that before i joined up with them.

Update by user May 02, 2013

Since my last post I have gone back to a contract phone. But that wasn't the end of the fun Straight Talk decided to have with me.

I had my new carrier port my number over to their service about 2 weeks before my refill would have occurred. The new carriers tech support said with the 5 minutes that he has spent on the phone with Straight Talk's tech support he was surprised I had stayed as long as i did.

The other day I get an email saying that my service refill is coming up and blah blah blah. I called them up and explained that I had removed my phone number and myself from their service and that they needed to make sure that I wouldn't be billed for another month. The guy on the other end apparently heard "I want to unenroll (their word) for the auto refill for my phone." His response was to rattle off that I save money by having it taken straight from my account. I again said i wasn't with them anymore I am not supposed to be billed by them again and could he please make sure i wasn't going to be billed again. He tells me he can unenroll me in the auto refill but that being so close to the payment date it will still take the money out of my account. I had to take a deep breath at this point, and make sure i was hearing this correctly "so since i removed my phone number and myself from your services well before the new payment cycle started but i didn't unenroll with one of you i still have to pay for a month i'm not going to use with you?" "Ma'am you can always request a refund." "i shouldn't have to ask for a refund for something i'm not purchasing." "i'm sorry ma'am there's no way to stop the computer from doing this."

I assured the guy there was something i could do and wished him a wonderful day. My next phone call was to my bank talking to them for 5 minutes explaining the situation. Because it was linked to my debit card they couldn't stop the payment but i could cancel my card and pick the new one up the next day at my local branch. Which is what i did.

Today i get an email telling me that my phone is going to be shut off if i don't buy a refill card. Wait i thought that wouldn't kick in until next month?

Original review posted by user Apr 01, 2013

Last night my phone starts flashing an error code 67. No big deal i just have to call tech support and they'll fix it like they did last month. wow was i wrong. i have just spent 3 HOURS trying to get somebody to listen and turn my data back on. apparently i was using excessive data and they cut off the date portion of my UNLIMITED plan. i tried to stay polite but some of the people were just so down right rude and arrogant. they kept transferring me to some Data department that was nothing but teleprompts, after they assured me that there was going to be a human at the other end of the line. It took me almost an hour and 5 phone calls to have them track down how much is considered excessive data (apparently 1.5 gb). They then were pretty much accusing me of breaking their Terms of Service, "well do you have a home computer ma'am?" "yes i do." "well ma'am you can't use your phone to connect your home computer to the Internet." "I'm not" "well ma'am that is just an example of something we call tethering." So i go round and round and round trying to get somebody that can turn my data back on. i keep hearing "oh we're not allowed to do that" or "oh we can't do that from here." Somewhere in that company is somebody that can turn on the data, they can over ride the computer and fix the issues, which apparently they're having a ton of. i finally had enough and asked to talk to the ranking manager that was on duty since nobody else would listen, i waited on hold for almost 30 minutes only to hear the phone pick up and then get hung up. I called back and from the start said i want to speak to the ranking manager that is currently on duty in the company. repeated the issues over and over and over again. i finally find somebody that's semi listening (i think) the most she'll, do cause she can't turn on the data, is give me 5 free days at the end of this service cycle. Now hang on, she can't give me my data back but she can give me 5 days of free service at the end of this cycle; so instead of going 4-6 days without my data I'd be going 9-11 days without the data. I've had it with this company, yeah the price is good but i never had issues like this with my contract phones. time to go back.
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan

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