Olympia, Washington

Terrible company. They just sent me the wrong card for my phone and refuse to do anything.

Unusable! No phone service! $67 and two days of working the problem. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON!

I can't believe I fell for it.... I would never do it again... Customer service is around and around...... I'm going crazy with these people....

Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never ever deal with these people again!!!!!! I used to love the Philippines!!!!!!!

These poor people working with such *** management is really bad... It makes me think of another trip to SE Asia just to see the *** I just spoke to in person!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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I bought a proclaim a week before christmas.Then i bought $45 card on 1-18-13 and i saw that there was no 3g symbol yet i could still make phone calls. so Last week i spent three hours on my work phone.

one hour on hold and two hours talking to two diffrent people to find out that i lost my 3g data. I hate to talk to ST reps because of having to constantly ask them to please repeat themselfs. anyway i had to send them my phone to receive a new one wich i am watting on. It might be in next week.I just hope that it was the phone and not because of foxfi app.

they could not tell me what happend evan if they could i dont think i would be able to understand the words comming from their mouths.CAN YOU PLEASE REPEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :sigh :(


Do some people just get scwewed? I just spoke to my son on his Straight Talk phone in another state, and he has had no problem with their customer service.

I was considering lowering my monthly cell cost by moving from Sprint to Straight Talk unlimited.

He's happy. I get worried though seeing some of these comments.

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