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I don't even know where to start. I tried this route because I was paying Verizon $170 a month for a single person cell phone service with internet jet pack.

I paid the $60 to get the starter kit, took over a day to get it actually working on my phone and had to call and talk to someone because I couldn't get it going on my phone through the website by following every instruction in detail. On the phone over an hour finally had it up and running. I have a full time day job and a side business I work at home. I started having issues with my older cell phone so I bought a brand new Samsung galaxy s4 from amazon.

When I called to switch over my sim card to the new phone they said I had to use a different one that came in the kit, one was at&t the other t-mobile. I picked the at&t, my service was terrible and I called straighttalk to figure out why. the woman said that at&t doesn't have towers where I live and it won't work. oddly enough my roommate has actual at&t service contract and her service is just fine.

After over an hour on the phone setting up the picture messaging, and updates for straighttalk that the guy the day before didn't mention, my phone finally was in working order, with very little service connection. I could only receive picture messages outside in the parking lot of my building, had to talk on the phone outside, and keep my phone as close to windows or doors at all times just to have 2 bars, did not get any internet even though I have a wireless router. My phone just said unstable internet connection and I could do nothing on my phone online. Around town I didn't even get decent service, dropped calls constantly, rarely could get online, etc.

I called two weeks into the month and talked to a woman for over 20 minutes who said she was going to send a new Verizon sim card to me that would arrive in 5-7 business days. Once it arrived I open it up, its an at&t card and its a nano one which is too small for my phone. I called and told them and they said they can send another but I would have to wait another 5-7 days for it, again. I said no, and ended the call disappointed and frustrated.

When my end of month two weeks later came to renew I added it online, for $47.51, at that time I also changed the sim card to the t-mobile one. After working all day I got home hoping to work on my skin care personal business and start contacting some clients. That sim card worked EVEN WORSE! I didn't even get two bars in my house it was either one or no service at all.

The next morning I called my co worker at the office and he couldn't even hear me, I had to go outside and he could barely hear me then. After getting to work at the office I called straighttalk to talk to them and ask if they could send me a Verizon sim card, as I knew it worked with my old phone. After the first lady she transferred me, got hung up on, the next guy Freido was helpful when I called back but had to tell my whole story again. He then said he was going to transfer after talking for over 20 minutes to have someone get the new Verizon card sent to me, I got hung up on.

Called back a third time and told my whole story again, and that I thought he was finished and there should be notes, there wasn't, had to start all over again. Then I was transferred again to a guy named Daniel, who then informs me that there is no way he can send a Verizon card to me because it won't work on my phone, and no matter what they can keep sending at&t and t-mobile cards, but the service won't get any better. I informed him its a MUST for me to have a phone at my house with my home business and if they could't provide good service I needed to cancel. He said he would credit my $47.51 that I paid the day before and that would go through my checking account in 24 hours, and that he would shut off my service leaving the phone number active so I could get a different service provider.

24 hours later, the credit was not in my account. I call straighttalk to get them to credit me now as its been over 24 hours and I need the money back since I didn't have service with them and had to spend the money to go with another carrier. I talked to a girl named Angela who couldn't seem to help me, then I was transferred to Rosa, who said she would deal with it while I was on the phone with her. I said okay and stayed on hold for an hour and 10 minutes.

Once in a while she would get back on the line and say she was having trouble with the computer etc, and I just kept saying I guess that is fine as long as you are making my credit happen today. She then gets back and says its all dont and it will take 24 hours, to process because the guy yesterday didn't start the credit so I would have to wait another 24 hours for it. I said that was not good enough and I have already waited 24 hours and wanted to speak with a manager so I could get the money back today. She said no one would be able to do that but transferred me to the manager Brandon.

He was absolutely terrible! He then informs me that it takes 3-5 business days for a credit, I was furious as two separate people told me 24 hours and it was the first time I was hearing this. I said I have been a good customer for over 4 months and the only reason I have to cancel is because I don't get service at my home. There is nothing you can do to help me at all being a manger.

He said no and I responded that I would call my bank and have the fraudulent charge reversed and write reviews telling people how horrible the company was. He said "go for it". I am still shaking and so upset by this company. All I have to say is think twice is the time, hassle, and issues worth the small amount of money you save?

I spent in the past four months with this carrier at least 4 hours on the phone, all of which none of my issues were ever resolved. I am a extremely hard working honest woman who was trying to save myself some money. I should have just kept paying the $170 I was paying Verizon for phone and internet service, as I never had service issues. I am now with T-Mobile as of yesterday so far so good.

The true test will be at my house, where the coverage they have says its good. I pay $50 a month for more GB's than straighttalk too. I am totally upset, unhappy, and mad.

I feel like I was lied to and taken advantage of. Not worth the energy to be a customer of straighttalk!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, delivery, order processing, problem with payment, bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $48.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Quaility of language, Un-activatable phone, Poor service quality, Horrible customer service, Lied to by employees and manager.

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