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Alcatel One Touch Evolt Review

Do I have a Straight Talk Alcatel One Touch evolvolt wanting to use a hotspot on my mobile phone with service
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Straight Talk Wireless Data Update Review

My straight talk is very slow, it doesn't load my updates. Having to many problems.
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Bad quality

Straight Talk Wireless in Houston, Texas - Even this company's lies are not reliable.

Again, I am on the phone with another *** from Straight Talk. I was on hold for nearly an hour for a supervisor before the CSR (that's a laugh) disconnected the call. The second call, I have been on hold for over an hour waiting for a supervisor to supposedly finish a call. I think they are outside smoking ***. A few weeks ago I was in the hospital and my service ended. When I returned home last week, I renewed my service. Big mistake. Since then, dead air kicks into all of my calls. I have to reboot the phone and then when I make the call, dead air kicks in after 10 minutes. The lock screen kicks in and ends all of my calls. This happened on a 911 call. I was told that the lock screen is supposed to end the calls if one has been on the phone too long. WTF? Excuse me? What was that advertisement of unlimited talk, text and data. As far as text is concerned. I cannot text. Too many connection problems. It took me 2 days to have a text go through. I sent one text and it multiplied to the recipient to the point, she called and complained about me over texting her. When I make a call it takes two to three minutes before a call is dialed and connected and it locks up the phone. I have to reboot the phone and wait for that scanning media card before I can make a call. There was a fire in my apartment building and I cannot rely on Straight Talk to have that call go through. That would be too much like right. I was told that I would have to return the phone and wait up to 10 days before I receive my replacement phone. Now mind you that I paid for the service for 30 days and I will be short on my paid service. Did I mention that I had surgery and I need a phone for emergency purposes? I was told to borrow someone's phone or go search for a payphone. Excuse me? Does the idiots at Straight Talk know that other people work and that payphones are not available. I was also told to use a older straight talk phone. I do not have another Straight Talk phone. I sent them back. I have contacted an attorney about filing a lawsuit against this company. There is one about the fraudulent unlimited service and the slowing down of the data speed. Since I reactivated my phone, it is working way below 3G, let's just say it is working at 300 baud dial up modem speed. I cannot get my emails. I have to reboot the phone in order to get the emails. I cannot keep bothering my neighbors and jeopardizing my health due to unethical policies and negative training. THERE ARE NO SIGNS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE AT STRAIGHT TALK. Customer service is very poor, there's no such thing as common sense. The FCC should step in and make Straight Talk get their act together or go out of business. I did not have this problem of being on two phones to solve a problem when I was with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.
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Straight talk sucks! They are beating me out of money!

The service is horrible! I just added a service plan. There is no way in *** that I went over my data limit already!



Thanks for sharing your nightmare!

Yes they out to be sued. I have NEVER seen a 'call center' in my life, so poorly operated!!


Again they are the worst "Help Center" I have ever talked with!! I see "Maria" from ST wants to help you (big laugh) I should sue them for time totally wasted.......


I am Maria and I work with Straight Talk. Please let me help you get this resolved.

Send me an email at and we will resolve your problem right away. Include your name, contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number.

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All of the above

Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service Review

Straighttalk automated service added my refill to someone elses phone number. I input my phone number, he repeated it. Then, asked for the service pin. Then said thank you, your refill has been added to some other number. The customer service rep says there is nothing they or i can do about it.
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Straight Talk Wireless Phone Service
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Straight Talk Wireless in Houston, Texas - Straight Talk is ***

I purchased a straight talk phone about a month ago and did not hat the money at the time for the activation card, so when my boyfriend bought me the card tonight i called to activate my phone and they told me it was unable to be activated due to some problems at the register when i bought it so now im out over 100 for the phone and my boyfriend is out 50 for this *** card... STRAIGHT TALK SUCKS...dont ever purchase from them.... They are nothing but a piece of *** company *** artists that take you for every penny your worth...
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purchased 3 phones over 3 weeks totaling over 200$ that all alledgedly work in my area, the third one gets reception but now it wont activate, what a bunch of ***! straighttalk is junk! another fine walmart *** scam!


Simply take the receipt and card back to the store to have it correctly activated. Just as you would with any other gift card from any store that might have a problem.

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