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I haven't been with straight talk very long at all but for the cheap price the phone service hasn't been the worst, not the best either but that's to be expected.... the other day I decided to buy a hotspot device through them, I also bought a $50 service card specifically meant for that hotspot device which says is valid for 60 days I didn't realize that 5gb meant only 5gigabytes of data, I mistook it for the speed of internet.

It says unlimited on the card but also 5gb which doesn't make sense because I realized that it means unlimited talk and text with limited data, but why the *** would anyone want to buy a hotspot device that you can't call or text on and put talk and text service on it with a smaller amount of hotspot data than my phone has ...this was upsetting when I realized the mistake I made in misunderstanding what I was buying... so I called customer service to see if they could do anything for me, or switch it to the regular phone service, which would make more sense because for 10 dollars more I could have had 20 gigs of hotspot, the woman was incredibly rude and treated me as if she was appalled that my data only lasted 3 days and made me feel stupid or something and had an altogether awful attitude towards me, I think I was being fairly patient and nice, I mean this stuff is frustrating as it is but I remained very calm that's just in my now I have 2 months of service with no hotspot left, and screwed out of 50 bucks I could have spent elsewhere or put towards some unlimited hotspot data with a different company.

So knowing what I know now, I will never use straight talk again, like I said the service isn't the best or the worst but it's cheap that's about the only thing I liked. Anyways I'd rather spend the money on better quality service and a hotspot device that makes sense, and also, a better company that has kinder employees.

User's recommendation: Dont use straight talk.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Straight Talk Wireless Pros: Cheap price junk phones.

Straight Talk Wireless Cons: Service is very poor very verry poor, Service plans make no sense for the hotspots, No option for unlimited hotspot.

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