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@ times now I have been accused of using to much data on an unlimited plan they wait till I refill with a new card and steal my remaining days of service also taking my phone number and making both of my phones useless.They are thieves they stole my money and refuse to do anything about it.They use people that cant speak plain english so you cant get anywhere with them.I went to walmart and they told me they couldnt do anything about it so who can there must be something that can be done .dont use them they lie and can change the rules whenever they feel like it...

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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Its ashame walmart is helping straittalk rip off the public I am a handycap person travling across the us had no service in lake havasu after 3 hours with so called customer service they told men they dont have nationwide service that I have paid for they did say I was riped off wouldn't even try to help me in any way now im going to have to get another phone im going on a 1 man mission to tell my story in every walmart straittalk display across the usa were poeple speak english about there practice off ripping off hard working poeple an the handicap now im leary about shopping at walmart because of straittalk

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