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Straight Talk might be fine for you IF you don't actually NEED to use your phone a lot. If you THINK you are going to save money by using Straight Talk, you had better pay close attention to all the little details before you choose them.

Here are a couple of things you are not going to be able to do with the phone service. You aren't going to be able to use your phone as a hot spot. If you want to do that, guess what, they are going to charge you extra. So much extra, in fact, that you might as well not use them if you need that feature.

Another thing that matters for a lot of people is "picking" a phone number. Straight talk doesn't let you pick a phone number.

That can be a big deal if you are starting a new business or need a new, but, specific phone number. If you use Straight Talk, you are stuck with whatever number their system generates.

Product or Service Mentioned: Straight Talk Wireless Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Your complaints weren't even worth the review and made no sense at all. They clearly state you can't use it as a hotspot.

They may not let you pick an exact number but they give you a set of numbers to choose from and if you don't like them then they will give you more numbers to choose from. Anyway if you're running a business using Straight Talk phones you should probably stop selling drugs.

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