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I always buy the 45 dollar plan that just last month was given a data boost up to 25 GB. I didn't realize that my niece had gotten my phone one day and apparently watched 10 GB worth of videos and I subsequently I hit the 25 GB wall on the 29th day of service and my data usage was throttled.

I didn't complain about the slow data speed because my account had hit the maximum data usage and the 2g speeds that resulted were excruciating.Two hours later I went to Walmart at 2:00 a.m. on 03/10/19 and bought another 45 dollar card and used straight talk's automated text system to add the PIN and this is where I began to get angry...first the bot told me that I had an inactive account which obviously wasn't true since I was texting from the supposedly inactive number. After having to start all over with entering the PIN it grudgingly admitted that I had an active account by telling me that the card I had purchased was not added yet to my account but was in reserve and could be activated for use after a 15 minute waiting period. I waited the 15 minutes and told the bot to activate the plan renewal from the reserve so I would have renewed high speed data, which is crucial for my job.

The bot said that the plan was active and I turned my phone on and off just to make sure that everything was reset as I'm usually asked to do when adding or changing services. I was more than a little shocked and irritated when after rebooting the phone I pulled up my browser to make sure that my account had updated and my internet speeds were back to normal only to find that there was no change in my internet connection speeds at all. I verified the service dates on my straight talk account and then attempted to run an internet speed test via my phone's Samsung+ app and the internet speed was not even fast enough to complete the test, never passing the ping phase of the test. I attempted to run the test 6 times with no success.

I really grew annoyed when I attempted to use the customer support number, dutifully listened to the options given by the chat bot and surprise! When the bot decided to refer me to a customer representative there were none available... customer support is only available during the day...for almost all support issues that the chat bot lists as something it can handle, all it did is either refer me back to the text bot or tell me that it was transferring me to the non-existent customer service representative. I tried for over an hour while sitting in the Walmart parking lot to find out why my data speeds are throttled still despite just adding a 45 dollar card and I'm still no closer to an answer.

The chat bot and the text bot form of support is just asinine as they could not be programmed to be anything other than an irritating distraction when you need to talk with a real live human tech support representative. As of writing this review, a full 3 hours after I first added the 45 dollar card my data speeds continue to be throttled and I can barely open a web page, much less open and use the apps by which I make the money to take care of my family and pay for this piss-poor customer service from straight talk. I have been with this company now for 3 months after switching from MetroPCS because I felt like their customer service was bad...if something isn't done to fix this issue today I will be going back to MetroPCS because next to the bot brigade customer service that I have received so far from straight talk, the customer service at MetroPCS was amazing.

I was with MetroPCS for 2 years before deciding to give straight talk a shot and not one single time in those two years was my service ever throttled and if for some reason I had to be a day or even 6 days late to make a payment MetroPCS would give an extension so I wouldn't lose my number or my job! I rely on my data connection and its speed to make appointments and schedule work assignments which is why I bought and added a new service card within two hours of my data being throttled..if straight talk doesn't get this fixed this morning I am leaving their service along with the 15 of my family members who are also straight talk customers and know that if this is happening with my account it is just a matter of time before it happens to theirs as well.

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Hi WiseJaguar977. I'm Maria from Straight Talk Wireless.

We regret to hear that you are displeased with the product and service. We understand that your previous experience was unpleasant, and we wish to make it right for you. To better assist you in resolving your issue, please chat with us using this link or call 1-800-867-7183. Our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

You can use our self-service menu by texting Help to 611611. We apologize for any inconvenience.


*Update* After I was finally able to speak to an actual live person this morning we went through all of the usual things (that I had already tried several times before and didn't work) and finally the woman named Maria asked me to update my APN and walked me through it to make sure it was all correct. We set a callback timer of 15 minutes as this is my only phone so I could reboot the phone and see if any difference was made.

She really did try to help me but unfortunately as soon as I rebooted the APN info decided to switch back to the info for MetroPCS and my 4g LTE still missing. A few minutes later a man, I believe his name was Anthony, called to ask if the APN switch had worked and I told him it hadn't. He requested my zip code and after I gave it to him he sat quietly for around 5 minutes and then asked me to hold a few minutes more. After listening to all of the people seemingly partying in the background for around 10 minutes he proceeded to tell me that the area surrounding me was all missing 4g connectivity and we'd be blessed to get 2g because our signal strength was damned near nonexistent.

He told me to give it an hour or so and 4g would be back. I didn't buy that so I searched as best as I could with my slower than dirt internet and saw that there were no reports of straight talk's network being down or any problem whatsoever. I finally decided to go back to the text bot and see if it had anything new since the tech support was a liar. I typed in APN in the text and hit enter.

It took the bot about an hour but I suddenly noticed a change. Hallelujah, I opened CNET for a search on Galaxy J7 connectivity issues and it actually opened in under 5 minutes. So I ,who complained earlier about not being able to speak with an actual person instead of a chat bot and a text but, now have to figure out how to send a text but flowers and a big apology since it turned out that his AI beat the real "intelligence" of ST's customer service reps hands down and that is seriously a damned shame. Maria , who actually tried to help me, sounded as if she were reading from a script and ignored the fact that I am really not ignorant when it comes to the technology that I use and had already tried everything she had me do when we talked at least 4 times before she woke up and came to work.

And Anthony, I knew he was lying as soon as he tried to sell me the notion that the entire town couldn't get any better than 2g...Tulsa is a fairly big town and you'd hear people scream for miles around if they all lost high speed data at once. You deserve to lose your job, Anthony, because you told a paying customer a bald-faced lie to get out of telling me that you had no friggin idea what the problem could actually be. Anyway, thanks to the bot I get to mull over if I want to continue to do business with a company that would hire liars and poorly trained ones at that to provide their customer service. I am not saying any of this because of their nationality or the accents that made it a little difficult to understand certain things because I probably sounded the same to them...

If they were from Texas and I could understand every syllable the customer service for straight talk would still be pathetic and staffed by incompetents and liars. Thanks again, text rock and if I switch back to metro next month you're invited to come along too

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